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Meet Oslo World's youth council!

The cultural producers of the future.

Oslo World's youth council will be leading the festival's work with events for youth and young adults going forward. I was put together this August. There were many strong applicants and Oslo World is very happy with the group that was selected. The cultural producers of the future, who will shape Oslo World's work this upcoming year, are: Ayat Majbel Saeid, Camilla Shoaei, Clio Chrystostomidis, Bilal Benmalek and Amira Ali.

During this year's festival, the council will arrange a seminar day with academic content and a festival event with live music, for youth and young adults.

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Bilal Benmalek
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Ayat Majbel Saeid
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Clio Chrystostomidis
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Amira Ali
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Camilla Shoaei

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