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Availability at the festival

Oslo World wants to be a festival for everyone, even if you need a little extra organisation.

We collaborate with established stage houses in Oslo and the surrounding area with good accessibility in most places. In some premises, there will unfortunately be some restrictions. All our events will have availability information on the website.

If you have other needs or questions related to accessibility, please contact us in advance of the festival visit. This is so that we can give you the information you need and arrange it in the best possible way. Send an e-mail to maria@osloworld.no.

Companion certificate: People with a companion certificate go free. The person being accompanied buys a ticket. Companions can sit together with the person they are accompanying. Most venues have a system for this when you purchase your tickets, but if this is not the case, send an e-mail to maria@osloworld.no to have a companion ticket sent to you.

Dansens Hus

The building and all its rooms are adapted for wheelchair users.

If you come by car and need to park, it is easiest to park at Vulkan P-Hus. The car park has reserved HC spaces, and there is a lift down to the ground floor.

If you are going to be dropped off by car, it is easiest to do this at our administration entrance at the intersection Vulkan/Møllerveien. From there it is approx. 30 meters to the main entrance.

Unfortunately, the halls do not have a telephone loop.


There is step-free access to our events and toilets. We do not have free parking spaces for the public.

If you need transport directly to and from BLÅ, we recommend using one of the many taxis available in Brenneriveien. About 20 meters from the taxi stand to the front door.


Den Norske Opera og Ballett har et begrenset antall rullestolplasser. Plassene selges bare over telefon eller i billettluken. Ta kontakt med achy@codadancefest.no så ordner vi dette.

Det er tre handikap-parkeringsplasser i Operagaten, ca. 150 meter fra marmorbrua inn til Operaen.

Salene har teleslynge.


We ask that wheelchair users contact us by phone or email in advance, so we have an overview and can make arrangements in the best possible way. To secure as much space as possible, wheelchair users are encouraged to arrive early (no later than the door opening). See information about opening times at Rockefeller, John DEE and Sentrum Scene here. NB! There are a limited number of places for wheelchairs on all three stages.

At Rockefeller, the normal audience entrance is used where wheelchair users are helped by the building's guards to get up a hill and into the concert hall. There are also opportunities to use a lift. This must be agreed on in advance.

Mail: post (@) rockefeller.no

Placement of wheelchairs

For fire safety reasons, wheelchairs are not permitted in any of the galleries at Rockefeller. On an elevation on the left side of the concert hall at Rockefeller, a limited number of manual wheelchairs are permitted at each event. Guards have to lift the wheelchairs up and down the ramp. For fire safety reasons, electric/motorized wheelchairs are not permitted on this elevation.

Toilet for wheelchair users

There is a new disabled toilet in Loungebar (the side room at Rockefeller). In addition, the large ladies' toilet, located under the stairs to the galleries, is adapted for wheelchairs. The door to this toilet is 77 cm wide. The toilet cubicle is 115 cm X 107 cm. There are support handles in the floors. This cubicle is used by both sexes. Contact staff for assistance.


Parking must be in nearby streets. The nearest disabled parking is in Badstugaten (around the corner for the public entrance to Rockefeller).


Wheelchairs go up a ramp on the right side of the entrance. From the entrance there is a wheelchair lift up the stairs to the hall..

In the hall there are HC toilets, bars and HC spaces on one level. For fire safety reasons, wheelchairs are not permitted in the gallery.

Disabled parking:

There are reserved spaces directly across the street from our entrance.

Please contact us at info@cosmopolite.no in advance, so that we can arrange as best as possible according to your needs.


Melahuset has easy access and good accessibility. There is a step-free entrance to the venue and it has a HC toilet. There is HC parking right outside the entrance. Taxis can stop right outside the entrance.


Parkteatret Scene has a toilet for wheelchair users. There is a step-free entrance to the concert hall. The hall is divided into two parts separated by a flight of steps, but both parts of the hall have access from the hallway. Parkteatret does not have a telephone loop.

Victoria Nasjonale Jazzscene

Parkteatret Scene has a toilet for wheelchair users. There is a step-free entrance to the concert hall. The hall is divided into two parts separated by a flight of steps, but both parts of the hall have access from the hallway. Parkteatret does not have a telephone loop.

Victoria has toilets adapted for people with disabilities and flexible furniture on open floors, so there is always space for wheelchairs. The public entrance can be used by wheelchair users.

As Victoria has to comply with set capacity regulations, we encourage companions to contact them at the same time as ticket purchase. Get in touch here or tel: 23 89 69 23.

Sentrum Scene

At Sentrum Scene, the ordinary audience entrance is used. Make direct contact with the guards at the door upon arrival. There are no stairs or obstacles leading up to the wheelchair accessible area. Access to Sentrum Scene and the surrounding area has been prepared in collaboration with the Norwegian Association of the Blind, the Norwegian Association for the Handicapped, the Central Council for the Elderly and the Joint Organization for the Disabled.

Location of wheelchairs

A separate balcony in the gallery with space for a total of six wheelchairs, with a very good view of the stage and good sound, is reserved and adapted for wheelchair users at Sentrum Stage. We must prioritize wheelchair users over companions in these places, but we always strive to accommodate wishes and needs. However, we cannot promise that companion(s) and wheelchair users will be allowed to sit together, but of course do everything we can to satisfy and adapt. Priority will be given to those who have contacted us in advance. NB! We do not allow wheelchairs in the main hall due to fire safety.

Toilet for wheelchair users

Unfortunately, the wheelchair toilet at Sentrum Scene is only accessible via stairs or lift. Contact the guards at the main entrance, who will escort you via the back passage. For safety reasons, we cannot allow unsecured transport of wheelchairs on the main staircase in the public area, and violation may result in expulsion from our premises.

Parking/transport adapted for the disabled

At Sentrum Scene, the nearest parking for disabled people is in Torggata (by Deli de Luca). Any taxi or other transport is directed to the same area for alighting and boarding. The nearest tram stop is Brugata, where the station is adapted for wheelchair users. The nearest bus stop suitable for wheelchair users is (new) Hammerborggata.

Kafé Hærverk

Hærverk has a lift for wheelchair users, but it is unfortunately broken. Please contact maria @ osloworld.no and we will find solutions.

Oslo konserthus

If you use a wheelchair, please contact the ticket office before buying a ticket. Contact: post@okh.no

If you use a wheelchair or have difficulty climbing stairs, use the lifts in the main foyer. Arrive in good time before the concert starts so that we can help you find your place. If you use a large wheelchair, please contact us well in advance so that we can make your visit as smooth as possible. If you come by car and use the Concert Hall's reserved wheelchair spaces, you can use the Concert Hall's office and stage entrance. Entrance and possible parking is in the car park under the Concert Hall, in Munkedamsveien 14. Store Sal has its own places for wheelchairs in rows 20 and 21. Large electric wheelchairs must use row 21. Please note that the floor slopes slightly in row 21 and that you must put on the brakes on the wheelchair.

A telephone loop is installed in Store Sal and gives the best effect on rows 8 to 14 inclusive.

There is no telephone loop on rows 21 to 36.

Contact: post@okh.no

Kulturkirken Jakob

As part of the restoration of Jakob's church, the construction of a ramp at the entrance on the north side is planned. This has not yet been completed, and as an interim solution, the Church has had its own mobile ramp made, which we can put out when there is a need for it.

It is best if we can be notified about the need for a wheelchair ramp in advance of the event, so that we can have the ramp ready.

The church also has an easily accessible disabled toilet.



Riksscenen has a limited number of wheelchair spaces. If you need adaptation, please contact Riksscenen. Feel free to contact one of our audience hosts on arrival for assistance. Riksscenen has disabled toilets and a lift in connection with all concert halls.

Contact: post@riksscenen.no

Emanuel Vigeland museum

The museum is not built for wheelchair users, but the stairs outside the museum are low and with a little help it is usually easy to get inside. The door to the mausoleum itself is narrow, 62 cm wide, 152 cm high and 50 cm deep. Some wheelchairs are therefore too wide to enter. Inside the mausoleum there is a large and flat floor without high thresholds or steps.

Contact maria @ osloworld.no and we can try to find solutions together with our staff working at the event.


Sentralen is universally designed, and all premises in the house are adapted for wheelchair users - with lift access, wide doors and HC toilets connected to all floors.

Nobels Fredssenter

The museum is adapted for people with reduced mobility. The Nobel Peace Center has a ramp at the entrance and a lift between the two floors. Disabled toilets are available.

Grønland kulturstasjon

It is possible to drive all the way to the Intercultural Museum, and the entire building and the backyard are accessible from a wheelchair. There is a lift between the floors and there is a toilet for wheelchair users. Some of the classrooms, where workshops are held during our children’s festival, may have doorways that are too narrow for certain types of wheelchairs.

Please contact gunnar @ osloworld.no in advance.


It is possible to drive all the way to Internasjonalen and both floors are accessible to wheelchair users. Unfortunately, Internasjonalen does not have its own disabled toilets.

Please contact maria @ osloworld.no in advance.


There are stairs on each side of the building, but also a lift in the middle of the building.Unfortunately, Feber does not have its own disabled toilets.

Please contact maria @ osloworld.no in advance.


Cafeteateret is an old building which unfortunately does not have a universal design, but we are happy to assist the public where possible. If you get in touch in good time, we can look at the possibilities for arrangements.

Contact: maria @ osloworld.no


A ramp and a lift allows access to the all premises with some facilities requiring further assistance from our staff. There are unfortunately no accessible WC facilities on the premises.

1st/Ground floor

  • Access via an alley from the street with an approximate 30 degree incline.

  • Sidewalk has a slanted access point from the street.

  • A door frame creates a 90mm floor obstruction in the doorway.

  • There are no WC facilities on this floor, but an elevator, accessed from our entryway gains access to a private WC that is wheelchair accessible. Assistance from our staff is required to gain access and it is not an accessible WC facility.

  • The courtyard is accessible via the alleyway or through the bar.

  • A door frame creates a 5mm step from our bar to our courtyard.

Lower Ground Floor

  • Access via a stairway or an elevator

  • Elevator is accessed from the alleyway and assistance from a staff member is required

  • All WC facilities are found on this floor.

Induction Loops

  • There are no induction loops on the premises.

Contact: maria @ osloworld.no

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