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Our Neighbourhood

Bring the whole family, when we turn asylum centers into neighbourhood parties filled with food, activities and music.

By creating music festivals at this unusual arena we want to initiate dialogue and participation between asylum seekers and people in the neighbourhood. To create something together and to experience a community around music, culture and food can be very important for integration – and we believe that integration starts from day one.

“Meetings between people, artists and audience create interest and understanding for the values in other cultural expressions.”

Alexandra Archetti Stølen, Festival Director

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Since 2009 Oslo World has invited asylum seekers in Norway to our annual music festival. The initiative has resulted in participation and dialogue between asylum seekers, the concert audience and artists from all over the world. To some of the asylum seekers that come to Norway without family and friends, this invitation has meant a lot in a difficult time.

In august 2014 we arranged OurNeighbourhood for the first time, at Torshov Transit Center. Since then we have arranged OurNeighbourhood twelve times, at five different centers.


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