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Tones of Timelessness

Badri Valian, Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat experiment with new forms of expression in new exhibition.

«Tones of Timelessness» is an ongoing interdisciplinary art project created between three artists during the pandemic in California, US. Three themes "Mother", "Twilight" and "Execution" have been picked to represent the three artists' personal concerns related to their own lives.

In this interactive project Badri Valian, Mahsa & Marjan Vahdat have been experimenting with new forms of expression existing between their established artworks of years practicing music and painting professionally. The artists share intimate personal experiences from their common Iranian background. During isolation and quarantine, they needed to unleash the desire to be free within this project to be able to convey a very unique method in order to capture their feelings and sentiments in this intense interactive project, in a truly organic experience extracted from a moment that blurs the lines between past, present, and future and that of consciousness and subconsciousness interlinked. A confluence of sounds and colors is captured to turn it into a unique image and soundscape that integrates a monument of tones, sounds and sight. Framed paintings and edited videos with professionally composed audio components are the final products.

Sound design: Atabak Elyasi
Filmed by Mehdi Rostami

Event dates

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Friday 05. November

17.30 - Kulturkirken Jakob

Price: Free entrance with concert ticket

Saturday 06. November

16.00 - Kulturkirken Jakob

Price: Free entrance with concert ticket

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