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OSLO WORLD 2020 seminars 3
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Map the world: The Future of Transnational Solidarity

The place to be to expand your network, share knowledge and talk about the challenges that the cultural sector is facing.

Industry talks in collaboration with Music Norway. The event will be in English.

The talks will be available on the digital platform during the festival week. The roundtables will be live (schedule at the bottom of this page).

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In times of crisis and uncertainty, the cultural sector is feeling an unprecedented need of remaining together and building bridges across the globe. This space is dedicated to enhance this transnational solidarity in the cultural sector. It hosts talks between key actors of the cultural sector and provides spaces of discussion and networking among professionals.

WATCH the 6 industry talks that gather voices of Norway, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Lebanon, South Africa, Chile, UK and Belgium. Each talk encloses inspiring stories, challenging circumstances, relentless creativity, and urge of adaptation. Journalist, researcher and audio-visual storyteller Preethi Nallu, who is based in Beirut, will moderate the talks.

ENGAGE in the 6 roundtables. You will be able to be part of roundtables in which you will meet and talk with the speakers of the industry talks.

OSLO WORLD 2020 seminars 32

In "The Future of Big Festivals in the Age of Physical Distancing", the panelists discuss the future of big music festivals amid pandemic lockdowns and a proliferating digital market. How will we enjoy large scale festivals from now on? Will the industry need to be restructured? What changes are here to stay?


Moni Saldaña (Mexico) is a former journalist and the director of NRMAL, the festival with the highest female representation in Latin America. She uses the annual gathering as a way of cultivating a sense of community among the audiences and introducing artists that are unknown to the Mexican scene.

Phillippe Siegenthaler (Colombia) is a journalist and music promoter with Páramo Presenta Agency, a leading group of promoters of Latin American music and he co-founded Festival Estereo Picnic, one of the biggest festivals in Bogotá.

Claes Oslen (Norway) is the co-founder of Øyafestivalen, dating back to 1999, and has been its head of booking since the inception. He actively encourages the development of the international festival industry.

OSLO WORLD 2020 seminars 3

"The Future of the Music Export and Music Markets" explores the possibilities of the music industry when movement across borders is no longer possible.

For this segment we have explored how musicians stay innovative during the pandemic, where lockdowns are causing a global economic recession and live performances are at their lowest. How do we continue connecting artists and musicians with their audiences during a time when physical interaction is not possible?


Kathrine Synnes Finnskog (Norway) is the director of Music Norway, the Norwegian music industry’s export facilitator and promotional organisation that cultivates audience interest in different genres of music, while connecting them to the global music scene.

Fabiana Batistela (Brazil) is the director of SIM Sao Paulo, the biggest music convention in Latin America, and she regularly counsel artists and festivals.

Sergio Arbeláez (Mexico/Colombia) is the director of FIMPRO, the most important music industry fair in Mexico. He also works actively in the Colombian music scene.

OSLO WORLD 2020 seminars 33

In "Metamorphosis in Times of Crisis" the speakers present snapshots from three very different countries, with overlapping realities, but also different perceived stages of crisis.

They share how the pandemic period has affected social mobilization, as well as the inevitable role of music in tapping into realities on ground.


Anthony Semaan (Lebanon) co-founded Beirut Jam Sessions, a music platform with curated concerts focused on the Middle East. His platform has also created a niche in producing creative video content related to music.

Saul Beretta (Italy) is the creative director at Musicamorfosi and Suoni Mobili, and makes music as well. He is involved with several music festivals and quartets in Italy, and is an 'agitator of unusual musical initiatives!'

Shiba Melisa Mazaza (South Africa) was born in Malawi, grew up in the UK and is currently based in South Africa. She wears multiple hats, including curating art and music festivals and creating media campaigns. She is a DJ and also a journalist and writes for Mixmag, Afropunk, Okayafrica, Red Bull Music, Trueafrica, RA, among others.

OSLO WORLD 2020 seminars 34

In "Against All Odds" the speakers reflect on the role of art, music and culture as essential forms of resistance in times of adversity. In this pandemic, how can we renew our support for those who against all odds, continue to push social agendas, especially when silence takes over streets and borders are drawn bolder.


Amani Semaan (Lebanon) is the director of Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival, and she has worked with several emerging musicians in the Arab World.

Guilherme Tavares (Brazil) created Favela Sounds, an international festival focused on culture in the favelas, which also connects musicians and artists from diverse social backgrounds to the mainstream.

Francisca Valenzuela (Chile/ U.S.) is often associated with laying the foundation of modern-day Chilean Pop, she also mobilises for feminist causes, both on and off stage. She is the founder ofRuidosa an independent, inclusive, international feminist FESTIVAL, PLATFORM and COMMUNITY that celebrates and elevates the a diversity of latinx female and female-identified voices.

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"Step up, Stand out, Lead through Times of Crisis" highlights the role of art, music and culture as tools of social mobilization, especially during crises. There will also be examples of inspiring stories of transnational collaborations among cultural practitioners in the difficult year 2020.


Ruth Daniel (UK) is cultural producer and social entrepreneur and music features heavily in her work. More specifically, she is the CEO of In Place of War, an organization that uses art and music as tools of transformative change in places of conflict.

Patrick de Groote (Belgium) directs large-scale music festivals (Sfinks Mixed, Zomer van Antwerpen) and site specific events that use different formats of music and media. His work is focused on an experiential approach that creates an interaction between the audience, the art and the artist. He is part of the board of the Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals.

The talks will be available on the digital platform during the festival week. The roundtables will be live and below times.To see the talks and be part of the roundtable register here as a delegate.

Schedule for the roundtables:

29 of October:
14:00- 14:40. Roundtable "Metamorphosis in times of crisis"
15:30- 16:10. Roundtable “The future of music export and music markets"
17:00- 17:40. Roundtable “The future of big festivals in the age of physical distancing”

30 of October:
15:30- 16:10. Roundtable “Against all odds”
17:00- 17:40. Roundtable "Step up, Stand out, Lead Through times of crisis”

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