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Beirut 20/21

Last year's fundraiser has become a compilation album with 20 Lebanese artists, presenting a snapshot of Beirut’s widely diverse and varied musical landscape.

We are very happy to announce the release on June 24 of Beirut 20/21, the compilation of the Musicians Support Program, premiering June 23 on Radio Al Hara at 4:30pm Beirut time.

Beirut 20/21 is clearly a postcard of its time that represents a snapshot of Beirut’s widely diverse and varied musical landscape, without pretense, on its own terms - thus the name we chose.

Our Musicians Support Program was launched with the aim of providing Lebanon-based musicians and parts of the music community with both immediate and long-term career support. A committee of local and international professionals - Yasmine Hamdan, Khyam Allamani, Tarek Yamani, Alexandra Archetti Stølen, Racha Salah and Soudabeh Kia - made a gender-balanced and genre-diverse selection from the applicants based on the artistic strengths of the musicians’ previous work. After thoroughly reviewing over 100 applications, selected 20 artists to participate.

The album features Aya Metwalli, Bonne Chose, Dani Shokri & Tarek Khuluki, Elyse Tabet, Jaafar Touffar, Jad Atoui, Jana & Scarlett, Khaled Omran, Kid Fourteen, Kinematik, KŌZŌ 構造, Liliane Chlela, Melmo, Perla Joe, Rust, Samah Boulmouna, Sandy Chamoun, Wonderland, Serge Yared, and Yara Asmar.

You can already save it to your playlists using this link.


Beirut and Beyond’s Musicians Support Program was created in collaboration with musician/composer Khyam Allami and is funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Beirut, and the Beirut-focused fundraisers organized by Oslo World, Theatre de la Ville and SACEM France.

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