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Beyond Music: dance performances during Oslo World 2023!

During Oslo World, two dance companies will explore the social context and origins of dance.

In Jazz Ain’t Nothing but Soul, the Oslo based Tabanka Dance Ensemble will explore the origins of jazz dance, connecting it to political struggles, such as Black Lives Matter, in a rich tribute to the power of dance, songs and rhythms.

Unknown kopi
Photo:Tale Hendnes

Via Katlehong from Johannesburg will perform Via Injabulo at Dansens Hus. The performance combines the dance style pantsula with an array of other genres, exploring dance as a lifestyle and how it influences everything from fashion to the sense of community.

Via Injabulo Pedro Sardinha2 kopi
Photo: Pedro Sardinha

These dance performances are part of the Beyond Music program, which has been evolving as an interdisciplinary intersection between arts and politics.

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