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Oslo World at Oslo Pride!

The collaboration between Oslo World and Oslo Pride continues, on June 29th in Pride Park, with performances from Desire Marea, Bashar Murad and Tunisianlvr! 






The KwaZulu-Natal born multi-disciplinary artist Desire Marea has cemented themselves as a creative force to be reckoned with. For years, they toured the world extensively with FAKA, a South African queer performance collective they co-founded with Fela Gucci. Since then Desire has embarked on an individual journey rooted in their own healing. Throughout the last two years, the Amandawe based artist trained as Sangoma, a traditional Nguni spiritual healer.

Desire’s eponymous solo debut from 2020 traversed electronic genres in an introspective exploration of modern love and loss. Their second album On the Romance of Being is immersed in the communal, ceremonial and healing qualities of music, recorded live with an ensemble of thirteen musicians, who glide effortlessly through post-gospel, spiritual jazz and the ancient music of the Nguni and Ndau peoples. Desire visited Oslo World in 2023, and it is our pleasure to introduce them for this year’s Pride audience!


Bashar Murad is a Palestinian Pop artist, singer/songwriter, and filmmaker producing globally

influenced pop music rooted in Palestinian spirit. His music challenges stereotypes and highlights social issues facing Palestinian youth, including living under the occupation, within patriarchal settings. Whether he's performing in a wedding dress or singing about gender diversity, Bashar is always taking risks and expanding critical thinking. His single “Klefi/Samed” was a collaboration with Icelandic Industrial Punk band Hatari, who gained attention for unfurling scarves with the Palestinian flag during the results show of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest held at Tel Aviv. Bashar also performed with them on Icelandic television and performed around Iceland, Roskilde Festival, and Tallinn Music Week. Bashar’s musical sounds span pop, electronica and modal inflections rooted in his expansive and creative sonic world.

His latest release is the EP “Nafas”. Shortly after releasing it, Bashar competed in the Icelandic Eurovision National Selections, with “Wild West”, produced by Icelandic artist and collaborator Einar Stefan. His participation sparked international media attention, where he finally landed in second place in Iceland’s Eurovision final. Bashar is set to release more music this year and we are very excited to welcome him to Oslo Pride! 


The Oslo-based DJ and artist Tunisianlvr is originally from Tunisia, and draws inspiration from the world of rhythmic and dynamic music. With a passion for the House genre, she explores a variety of sub-genres including Afro Tech, Afro House, Amapiano, Deep House, Tech House, Kwaito, Kuduro and Arabic Folk.

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