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Zeyne and Israel Fernández are ready for the festival!

Palestinian-Jordanian pop powerhouse and a rising flamenco star.

The Jordanian-Palestinian singer-songwriter Zeyne has quickly risen to prominence in the booming Middle East and North African music industry. First gaining recognition during the pandemic through her Instagram account, she kickstarted her career in 2021 with her debut singles “Minni Ana” and “Nostalgia” – which were widely acclaimed for their daring fusion of RnB/Soul with contemporary Arabic music.

Zeyne aims to share her stories and personal experiences through her music. Known for her dreamy yet powerful vocals, her songs touch concern topics ranging from mental health, anxiety and identity, to love, heartbreak and grief. She believes that her musical identity both as an artist and a woman in the Arab world should encompass more than the standard stories of love and relationships.

Over the past two years, her body of work has gotten over 15 million streams. Her single ‘Balak’, featuring Saint Levant, has become immensely popular on streaming platforms and social media. She has also built a name as a talented songwriter, collaborating with artists both from the MENA region and around the world. Zeyne also recently showcased her artistry on the renowned platform COLORS, further solidifying her position as a rising star in the global music landscape. This fall, Oslo World will host one of the most exciting new talents from the burgeoning Middle Eastern pop scene.

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Israel Fernández is one of the most important contemporary flamenco singers. His distinct performing style has broadened his base far beyond the flamenco diehards, spreading knowledge about the tradition while demonstrating its ability to thrive in a modern musical environment. At Oslo World, Fernández will be joined by his longtime companion, Diego del Morao, one of the greatest living flamenco guitarists. Their interplay and improvisation on stage makes every concert an unpredictable, spontaneous event.

Fernández was born and raised in a gypsy family in Corral de Almaguer, Toledo, with deep andalusian roots. Flamenco culture was his heritage. He started singing at an early age and won his first TV music contest at 11 years old on Spanish national television. His last two albums, “Universo Pastora” from 2018 and “Amor” from 2020 put his name firmly in the elite segment of the Spanish music industry. The latter album rose to number 7 in the Spanish hit lists and won the Odeon prize while being nominated for a Latin Grammy as well as several other awards. In 2021, GQ featured Fernandez on their list of the 21 Most Exciting Young Musicians on Planet Earth. Already adored by the faithful flamenco community, Israel Fernández seems destined for greater things.

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