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Salif Keita (ML)

If Salif Keita’s formative years teaches us anything, it’s to not judge a book by its cover. When the singer was born with a snow-white complexion in 1949, it More >

Sidiki Camara (ML/NO)

Bamako, the capital of Mali, is known as the musical heart of Western Africa. Here, the rich and diverse traditions of the region merge and harmonize with musical impulses More >

Mashrou’ Leila (LB)

We feel a bit guilty. When the Lebanese indiepop band Mashrou’ Leila performed in front of Arab-Americans from all over Los Angeles this winter, they admitted to Good Magazine More >

Omar Souleyman (SY)

  It’s a strange world we live in. Who could’ve foreseen that a wedding singer from Ras al Ayn, Syria with over 500 albums under his belt would become More >
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