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Alo Wala (US/IN/DK)

Shivani Ahlowalia doesn’t rap, she exhorts. “The difference between being able to sing, and having a voice: perspective,” she claimed in an interview with Vice last fall. Thus is More >

Batida (PT/AO)

You can’t escape the past. The Portuguese authorities have tried, though, as they have more or less slumped significant parts of the black community together in the outskirts of More >

Khaira Arby

Timbuktu, the hometown of Khaira Arby, probably wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for the ladies. One origin story tells of how a slave woman named Timbuktu founded the More >

Chico Trujillo (CL)

Chico Trujillo are punks at the depths of their hearts. That may not much sense at first glance, because there seems to be a great divide between the fierce, More >

Music Freedom Day on March 3rd

In Oslo at Kulturkirken Jakob, a Redzone Music Freedom Day Concert is organised on 3 March at 7:30pm in collaboration with Oslo World Music Festival and Kirkerlig Kulturverksted. More >