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3 kjappe med Miss Tati og Omvr

Omvr slapp nylig singelen “Up in the Air“, gjestet Lindmo på lørdag, og Nitimen i går. Det går rykter om at Miss Tati snart slipper singelen Don’t Let Go, More >

For children: Arts Exploration Day

Join us for a tour in our amazing world as Grønland Kulturstasjon and Asylet Café are turned into a colourful piñata, stuffed with fun things to do, remarkable things More >

Devilish damsels – Women in Music

Dagens Dynamitt (Dynamite of the Day). Devilish Damsels – women in music For many artists, music is a struggle for freedom. In many places in the world, the women’s More >

New music markets

New music markets For most of the Norwegian music industry, the phrase ”over the pond” refers to the United States. Alongside the larger states in Europe, all goals, resources More >

Maxida Märak

Hard rap, joik & heavy electronic beats – the sami way Heard it before? Don’t think so. Maxida Märak started producing her own music only two years ago, but More >

Exhibition: From the youth

From the youth: the forgotten voices and faces of the conflict in Syria. In collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee Council, journalist Maria Korkunc and the creators of the app More >

Global music

Global music – common musical platform or perversions? A world where information spreads at hyperspeed, allows for traditional music to reach new listeners, but bombards us simultaneously, with mass-produced More >

Let’s talk about freedom

Part 1 Children are the hope of the future. But what happens to the children and youth fleeing from war zones? Who are they and how is their life? More >
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