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The Soundtrack of a nation

The theme for this year’s festival is Soundtrack of a nation. We believe that music says something about who we are and where we come from. In a world More >

Blitz the Ambassador (GH)

Samuel Bazawule is one of out many who’ve embraced the disputed new word “afropolitan” – via Afropolitan Dreams, his third full-length record as Blitz the Ambassador. The More >

Dead Combo (PT)

To avoid further confusion: There are two bands called Dead Combo. One is from Finland and plays “raw electro-punk”. The other is a Portuguese duo playing instrumental music which More >

Danny Maroc

At first the disappointment hits you like a punch in the kidneys – soon after the fury makes your blood boil. Why in God’s sake is the World such More >

Fatima (SE/UK)

Fatima is a swedish born, UK based singer and one of the artists on Eglo Records, the london based recordlabel founded by Alexander Nut (Rinse FM) and Floating More >

Trygve Seim Rumi Songs (NO)

The Persian Sufi poet Jalaladin Rumi has had a great influence upon music, dance, poetry and philosophy in several countries. An active theologist, mystic and poet in the 13th More >

This year’s theme

If the rebellion had a soundtrack, it would be the sound of Skype messages popping up on laptops, iPads and smart phones that glow in the dark, Kristin Solberg More >


Berlin plays a mythological role in the history of music. This shagged, complicated and multifaceted metropol has after all been the muse for several of our greatest musician’s most More >

Gilles Peterson (FR/CH/UK)

The end of May 2014: There’s only two short weeks left until one million football fans occupy Rio de Janeiro to attend the World Cup of the Universe’s most More >

Souad Massi (DZ)

Undoubtedly one of the most interesting musicians to come out of Algeria in recent years, Souad Massi has been compared to artists as diverse as Françoise Hardy, Tracy Chapman More >