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Silvia Perez Cruz (ES)

The excellent Catalan musician, Sílvia Pérez Cruz is about to experience a turning point in her career. Already renowned among adorers of Jazz, Fado and Flamenco, she has now More >

Teresa Salgueiro (PT)

Few Portuguese musicians have meant as much to their public, domestic and abroad, as Teresa Salgueiro. After almost thirty years as an active singer, the last eight as a More >

Flavia Coelho (BR)

Flavia Coelho has laid all the cards on the table. Naming her album debut “Bossa Muffin” is not only a way of stating thing as they are – that More >

Alo Wala (US/IN/DK)

Shivani Ahlowalia doesn’t rap, she exhorts. “The difference between being able to sing, and having a voice: perspective,” she claimed in an interview with Vice last fall. Thus is More >

Batida (PT/AO)

You can’t escape the past. The Portuguese authorities have tried, though, as they have more or less slumped significant parts of the black community together in the outskirts of More >

Khaira Arby (ML)

Timbuktu, the hometown of Khaira Arby, probably wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for the ladies. One origin story tells of how a slave woman named Timbuktu founded the More >

Chico Trujillo (CL)

Chico Trujillo are punks at the depths of their hearts. That may not much sense at first glance, because there seems to be a great divide between the fierce, More >

Music Freedom Day on March 3rd

In Oslo at Kulturkirken Jakob, a Redzone Music Freedom Day Concert is organised on 3 March at 7:30pm in collaboration with Oslo World Music Festival and Kirkerlig Kulturverksted. More >