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Dom La Nena (BR)

What were you up to when you were thirteen? If you were like most children, you probably buzzed around in prepubertal confusion, absorbed in completing your collection of cartoons, More >

Yilian Cañizares (CU)

The German philosopher Walter Benjamin argued that all new generations have a responsibility to the past ones: What your great-grandmother couldn’t achieve because of her oppressors, we have to More >

Noura Mint Seymali (MR)

Forget about Jack White. If anyone illustrates blues rock’s continued relevance today, it’s Noura Mint Seymali. Bold words indeed, but we do dare to say so because of the More >

Belén Maya (ES)

Flamenco is way, way more than just a dance. For Belén Maya – the foremost flamencista of her generation – it’s a philosophy that not only creates harmony between More >

Salif Keita (ML)

Salif Keita wasn’t meant to become a musician. As a direct descendant of Sundiata Keita, the warrior king who founded the Malian empire in the 1200s, the singer belong More >

Sidiki Camara (ML/NO)

Bamako, the capital of Mali, is known as the musical heart of Western Africa. Here, the rich and diverse traditions of the region merge and harmonize with musical impulses More >
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