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Puerto Candelaria (CO)

Unlike many others, Puerto Candelaria doesn’t try to hide the fact that music is an act. Although it’s easy to get fooled, in no way is it so that More >

Beirut & Beyond

A blast wave of creativity arose in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, similar to how a thousand pink cherry blossoms tend to pop up overnight. However, the nations More >


On the cover of MHD’s eponymous album debut, paint thick as blood drips from his hands. In the right palm of the 21-year-old we see a smear of red, More >

Bei Ru (US/AM)

Baruir Panossian follows the legacy of sampling masters DJ Shadow and The Avalanches. Like these two, the 36-year-old beatmaker engages in a playful recycling of music and movie clips More >

Bu Kolthoum (SY)

It seems like Bu Kolthoum has a raging headache. After all, his sole full-length record thus far – on which he proved himself to be gifted both as a More >
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