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NRK P2 at Kulturhuset!

The audience and the radiolisteners can again look forward to live concerts from the Oslo World Music Festival at Kulturhuset. Here is this years program me: Jungelscenen LIVE 20:00-22:00 More >


Saturday 1st of November Through visits to sacred spaces, we will explore the sound of the sacred during the Oslo World Music Festival. Migration and globalization give rise to More >

The Soundtrack of a nation

The theme for this year’s festival is Soundtrack of a nation. We believe that music says something about who we are and where we come from. In a world More >

Packaging the Music

The political context of an artist always becomes more relevant to the artistry, when he or she, is from anywhere but Europe, or the US. Is this always at More >

The beautiful ones are not yet born

South Africa marks her 20th anniversary as a young democracy in 2014, but the great nation faces great challenges; deep-seated sociological problems have simply failed to find solutions in More >

Streaming to the world

How does one establish digital platforms in developing countries? How does one navigate in countries with inadequate infrastructure in relation to legal frameworks on distributive rights? Whose responsibility is More >

Media as a Gatekeeper

We as consumers are all influenced by what the media writes about, what the radio plays and which artists the TV-channels devote special attention to. Oslo World has for More >

Hugh Masekela (ZA)

Hugh Masekela is South Africa’s greatest trumpeter – and perhaps also the greatest accomplished musician on the African continent. Throughout his career, the multitalented 75-year old has performed with More >

Huun-Huur-Tu (TV)

You shut your eyelids. At an instant you find yourself standing on a green-yellow knoll in the midst of nowhere. Clouds are moving pale and sorrowful in their long More >

Los Plantronics (NO)

For the 13th time, Oslo rockers Los Plantronics celebrate the Mexican holiday in their own way – with Mariachi suits, Day of the Dead makeup, and their own musical More >
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