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Super group with a secure grip on their pop sound.

At the end of 2018, Marte Eberson and Øystein Skar announced that they had started a new band project together with vocalist Martin Halla. Thus, the band Löv saw the light of day. Eberson and Skar are both former members of the very popular band Highasakite. They are versatile musicians who have played in a number of different band projects, both in pop, jazz and other genres. The revolving door between different expressions also characterizes Löv's secure grip on their pop sound. Vocalist Martin Halla, is the winner of the competition The Voice in 2012, and has a distinctive voice.

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Since the start in 2018, Löv has delivered four strong singles. The song "Superhuman", which is produced together with Odd Martin Skålnes (Sigrid, Aurora), became the vignette song for the TV series "Semester", which was shown both in Norway and on Swedish TV4 in 2019. In February this year they released their debut album Nostalgia. It is produced by the band itself, in collaboration with Bjarne Mathias Kraakenes and the song "Strangers or lovers" was quickly named song of the week on P3. 2020 was ahead of them, with a very nice number of festival bookings. The world wanted it differently, but we are happy to present Löv in an intimate setting at Victoria during this year's Oslo World.

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