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Closing party + Photo booth med Dina Al Makhrami

Oslo World invites festival participants, volunteers and all friends of the festival to a closing party at Baba Bar, a West Asian North African bar with a Scandinavian identity. Behind this bar is the safe space architect, KeyChange innovator and your local aunt Dana Jdid, former KeyChange artist and DJ Nedja Bouzaida (Tunisianlvr), and one of Oslo's most established DJs, Zineb Bensouda also known as DJ Mélange. Dana, Nedja and Zineb will provide the music when we end the Oslo World festival for the 30th time this year!

Get your portraits captured in an interactive experience curated by photographer and artist Dina Al Makhrami. This Oslo based Yemeni artist from Trondheim portrays the diaspora in her work and has done several spreads both international and local for brands like Yoke, Kangoll and Patagonia just to name a few.