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Ayom (Brazil / Angola / Greece / Italy)

Transatlantic bliss

Ayom is made up of six members from Angola, Brazil, Greece and Italy, with Brazilian singer and percussionist Jabu Morales centre stage. The band is obviously rooted in Brazilian culture, but they also defiantly ignore borders, making the journey an essential part of their music. Blending century old traditions with the rhythmical language of lusophone cultures, Ayom provides a hot-stepping and spiritual voyage across the Atlantic. Accordeon, acoustic and electric guitars, Brazilian percussion and the soothing singing from Morales all contribute towards making this a natural musical blend - a realization of the potential which has always been there in these expressions.

Their debut album dropped last year. “Ayom” received rave reviews and was recently awarded “Album of the Year '' by Songlines Magazine. The band will grow in the years to come. We are more than ready for their first visit to Oslo.