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Beglomeg (NO)

Beglomeg's universe expands even further with the musical performance "Døden ekke nok" (Death ain’t enough) at Nasjonal Jazzscene.

Beglomeg is a band with a big, tender, rebellious heart. They inhabit a surprising, unique space in Norwegian music. Somewhere between scandinavian dansband music and club nights, between psychedelia, dadaism and crate digging on the one hand, and the music you might find on a gas station in the countryside on the other. In the middle of it all, a burning feeling, represented by the idiosyncratic singer and front figure Raymond Teigen Hauger. A radical message of love, and the homespun music genre eurohope, which might be easiest understood as an urgent encouragement to the listener, to take their own feelings seriously. They won a Spellemann for their first album, the triumphant and groovy Eurokrjem. On their second LP, Elske Livet Fantastiskt, they develop their message even further. It might be understood as an underground mass celebrating the truly big things in life: Faith, hope and love.

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Oslo World is proud to present a night in Beglomegs universe on Nasjonal Jazzscene. In the bands own world, Døden ekke nok will be “a concert about hope and virtue - human nature - things in movement. An exploration of ecstasy and euphoria, empathy and emotionality, elegance and exorcism. Justice, friendship, honesty, and moderation? Courage! A good environment. A good life. What is right, what is just? Heaven and hell.”

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