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DJ L.I.T.S.W.D. (Acid Mothers Temple after party!)

  • Hærverk
  • Doors: 21:00
  • Concert: 22:30
  • Price: Free of charge

Utsvevende etterfest

L.I.T.S.W.D. DJ-sets are quite broad, consisting of jazz, folk music, whale song, psychedelia and electronic music. He has previously played before/between/after concerts with Silver Apples, Legendary Pink Dots, Thurston Moore, Chrome, Smerz, Beglomeg, Damo Suzuki and Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO.

When the nights get long, he takes the audience on a deeper excursion into techno and acid. But anything can happen.

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Oslo World Web backgrounds10 2022
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