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“Herifrå” - Erlend Apneseth (Norway)

  • Riksscenen
  • Doors: 20.00
  • Concert: 20:30
  • Price: 250,- / 200,- + fees

Genre crossing super band with enormous wingspan.

With his distinctive playing style and a long series of critically acclaimed Hubro releases with various musical projects, harding fiddle player Erlend Apneseth has become a darling in Norwegian folk music, jazz and contemporary music. At Riksscenen during Oslo World, he has put together his most ambitious band project to date, with ten defining musicians from these scenes in Norway today.

Erlend Apneseth is Artist in Residence at Riksscenen this autumn. “Herifrå” (From here) is a commissioned piece, which will be performed for the first time during Oslo World, Together with the large ensemble, Apneseth wants to explore the concept of "world music", starting with the harding fiddle and its possibilities, both tonally and rhythmically.

Erlend Apneseth2
Erlend Apneseth

Apneseth's special pizzicato techniques can be reminiscent of harp or kora. The tonality of older traditional fiddle playing or singing will easily bring to mind Arabic music. These elements become a guiding path for Apneseth, towards a shared language for traditional music from all over the world. The lines which separate different styles and traditions are thin. Tiny changes are all that is needed for you to end up in a completely different place. This open landscape is Erlend Apneseth's realm.

Tradition is contemporary by Erlend Apneseth at TEDxOslo, 2013

Erlend Apneseth - harding fiddle, Mats Eilertsen - double bass, Hans Hulbækmo - drums/percussion, Helga Myhr - harding fiddle and vocals, Veslemøy Narvesen - drums/percussion, Selma French Bolstad - harding fiddle and vocals, Rasmus Kjorstad - fiddle and harding fiddle, Henriette Eilertsen - flute , Rolf-Erik Nystrøm - saxophone, Anja Lauvdal - keys

The work is supported by the Norwegian Culture Council and produced in collaboration with Riksscenen.

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