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Over two days, actors from cultural life, the media and other interested parties are invited to open conversations about how we talk about culture and the media in our time - and how we can play each other better.

Monday October 31
13.00 - 16.30
Tuesday November 1
13.30 - 16.30

Norwegian cultural life has never been stronger, broader and more diverse than it is in our time. At the same time, many of the areas where we discuss and convey these expressions are disappearing. Many feel a lack of a common cultural public, where different views and fields of art confront each other and where the conversation about art is part of media surfaces that function as a common reference for us as a society. In the wider social debate, it is often regarded as an afterthought, more than a provider of premises.

What can be done to counteract this tendency? Is it possible to change the direction in the largest media? Is it possible to find new surfaces where a new, common cultural public can flourish? During this year's Oslo World, Tankesmia KRAFT and Pressens Hus are hosting a seminar on these questions, together with Oslo World. Actors from the culture industry, media and other interested parties are invited to open conversations about how we talk about culture and the media in our time - and how we can play each other better.

Day 1:

13.00-13.20: Sidiki Camara live

13.25-13.40: Alexandra Archetti Stølen says welcome and introduces the topic of the conference.

13.45 - 13.55: The Art Experience

Introduction by Øivind Varkøy, professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music, who starts by talking about the music experience we have just had, before he discusses and justifies the art experience as a value in itself.

14.00 - 14.40: Panel: “The dream about a cultural editorial office”

Was everything really better before? How would today's cultural journalists cover the field, if clicks and finances had not been a problem? What can cultural editorial offices do to create the context required to really listen and take in art and art criticism in today's media landscape? In this conversation, we have gathered people who are passionate about cultural journalism today, in order to get closer to the good reasons for working with criticism and arts, in our time.

Moderator: Audun vinger

Panel: Sigrid Hvidtsten (Dagbladet), Ingebjørg Sofie Larsen (PhD candidate at the Norwegian Academy of Music), George Ofori (NRK, Ballade) and Aslaug Olette (Klassekampen, Kontekst).

Sigrid Hvidsten 21 1 M8 A6691


- Sigrid Hvidtsten, Dagbladet
- Ingebjørg Sofie Larsen, pHd at Norges musikkhøgskole
- George Ofori, NRK, Ballade
- Aslaug Olette, Klassekampen, Kontekst

Moderator: Audun vinger

15.00-16.00: ARENA LIVE w/ Matata and guests!

Who and what controls which music is lifted up - whether it's on global streaming services, on Tik Tok, or in the media? And ultimately: In your own earplugs?

Our listening habits are controlled to a greater and greater extent by the major streaming services and social media, such as Tik Tok and YouTube. Which artists are we missing? And why? Why does a band do well in Kenya, but not in Oslo, where they live? And what must one do as an artist to stand out in the crowd? Do you have to have a tearful story to promote a new single?

In this live broadcast, we meet both artists, music journalists and the industry to find out how it got like this, and if something should be done.

Panelists TBA!

Arena is always available in the NRK Radio app and is broadcasted live on P2 Monday-Thursday at 3-4pm. Listen here!

IMG 6537

Day 2:

13.30-13:40: Welcome w/Solveig Slettahjell og Guro Istad

13:40-13:50: Hedvig Mollestad live

13:50-14:00: A status report from Norwegian cultural journalism

Leif Ove Larsen, professor at the Department of Information and Media Science at the University of Bergen, gives an overview of the state of Norwegian cultural journalism.

14:00-14:30: Status quo

Five cultural workers and journalists give their status report on the relationship between arts and the media, summarize the biggest challenges for the cultural public and discuss ways the relationship can be improved.



- Erik Ulfsby, the Norwegian Theatre
- Hedvig Mollestad, musician
- Agnes Moxnes, former cultural commentator at NRK
- Ida Madsen Hestman, editor of TBA and critic
- Danby Choi, editor at Subjekt

Moderator: Asta Lydersen

14:35-15:05: No one reads culture…

What arguments do the cultural journalists have for their work, when they have to look at numbers - and theirs are red? How can we create cultural journalism that does cultural life justice, is interesting for readers and at the same time fulfills the news criteria?



- Gry Haugsbakken, state secretary, the Cultural Department
- Filip Roshauw, writer and journalist
- Henrik Hellstenius, composer
- Ingerid Nordstrand, Cultural editor, NRK
- Mari Skurdal, editor, Klassekampen

Moderator: Agnes Moxnes, previous culture journalist, NRK

15:30-15:50: Introductions:

- Art's social mission - Sigmund Løvåsen

- Journalism's social mission - Anki Gerhardsen

15:50-16:25: What does it take to get published?

Cultural journalism has a reputation for being “launch journalism” and a “microphone stand”, at the same time many people in cultural life feel that it is no longer about the art, and that they have to offer their privacy in order to get published. How can both the cultural life and the journalists contribute to better cultural journalism, which also fulfills the news criteria and the social mission?

Johanna Alem

- Anki Gerhardsen, culture journalist
- Johanna Alem, Universal
- Solveig Slettahjell, musician and CEO, Tankesmia KRAFT
- Marcus Husby, director of Rampelys

Moderator: Guro Istad, CEO, Pressens hus

16:25 - 16.35 Sanyu Christine Nsubuga live

Sanyu Christine Nsubuga
Sanyu Christine Nsubuga live

Check out the rest of the Beyond Music Program here!

Event dates

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Tuesday 01. November

13.00 - Pressens Hus

Price: Gratis!

Tuesday 01. November

13.30 - Pressens Hus

Price: Gratis!

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