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Anne Valeur

LILJA plateslipp!

Worldwide debut!

The band LILJA is helmed by guitarist Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir, who has made a lasting impression on the new, boundary crossing improv scene in Oslo. Her debut album, Marble, is a musical travelogue, centering around places she has a deep musical relationship with, such as Reykjavik, Tyr, Casablanca, Paris, New York and Kolkata, in addition to her hometown Oslo.

"Marble is a little sensation"

Geir Rakvaag, Dagsavisen

Alt annet en web Anne Valeur

Her style is defined by a deep curiosity and respect for different musical traditions - at one point, while performing and studying with the legendary sitar player Ashraf Sharif Khan, she considered becoming a raga musician full time. She has also studied gnawa music in Morocco, Norwegian folk music in Hardanger and several other genres. The end product is filtered through her personal experiences and the deeply optimistic belief that everywhere you are can feel like home.

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