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3 Miss Tati c Oystein Grutle Haara

For children!

Miss Tati's Eyemba

  • Riksscenen
  • Doors: 12:00
  • Concert: 13:00
  • Price: Free of charge!

Welcome to Miss Tati's Eyemba – an exhilarating musical family experience.

“Eyemba” means “house” or “shelter” in umbundu, one of the national languages of Angola. Miss Tati plays freely with her portuguese-angolan and Bergen background in this show. It is about being viewed as different - both the good and the hard parts. Songs about mood swings, indulging in candy, flamingoes and the importance of bot self respect and respect for other people. Miss Tati uses music, dance, samles, rhythms and vocals to invite you to her neighbourhood, and tells the listeners all about the people who live there - their stories and their problems.

Originally, Eyemba was a commissioned piece for the 10 years anniversary of Bajazz in october 2020. In january and february of 2021, it was performed at Den Nasjonale Scene, in Bergen.

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