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Salon Marie Rose w/ Shaden, Frida Marida +

A queer Arab exilic pop-up social gathering space.

Salon Marie Rose is commemorating the memory of the beautiful and mountainous queer artist, poet and writer Etel Adnan (1925-2021) who passed away in November 2021, and takes its inspiration from the novel about the Lebanese civil war Sitt Marie Rose by Etel Adnan.

Adnan’s composite and diasporic identities that include Greek and Syrian parents, Lebanese upbringing, American and French exiles has been a towerting inspiration for queer Arab arts and literature for more than five decades. Adnan’s multidisciplinary practice, emancipatory and whimsical in form and content, coupled with her cosmopolitan national and gender identities provide a prismatic backdrop for Salon Marie Rose as a queer Arab exilic pop-up social gathering space in Oslo. Adnan embodies and inspires the multidisciplinary, cosmopolitan and quirky concept that the Salon space will present to its audiences and collaborators.

Mingling & a pop-up library & films on loop with possibility of buying books by and about queer arabs curated for this event.
18.00: Opening by Frida Marida & serving finger food.
Poetry reading in memory of Etel Adnan reading in English, Norwegian and Arabic.
Film screening: Ismyrne (2016, 50 min) Directed by Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige.
Stand-up comedy show by Shaden (in Arabic only)

Shaden is a Lebanese comedian, actress, and rebel. As the Middle East’s first openly queer comedian, Shaden addresses what are still considered as controversial issues for social change such as female sexuality, homosexuality, racism, religion, and mental health in her shows.

Shaden has performed her second special 'All Hell Broke Loose' in Beirut with awk.word comedy in over 80 sold-out shows in 2022 and had already performed her first critically-acclaimed special SHIAA SEEDS to over 10,000 audience members since 2018.


Salon Marie Rose er et prosjekt laget av Masahat, for Arab Culture in Exile, i samarbeid med Skeiv Verden, Oslo World og Melahuset.

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