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Remembering through sounds and embroidery

Unheard voices – Embroidery Workshop

Those who fight for the environment, democracy, social- human- and indigenous rights are often targets of threats, and violence. Some even loose their life. This workshop will amplify their voices and remember them, using art as a tool.

The solidarity patchwork will be the inspiration and backdrop for the event.

We will listen stories from the patchwork about people that have lost their life in the struggle. New names and stories can be added and shared. While listening to the sounds and stories of the patchwork you can use stencil and paint or tread and needle to write the names that shouldn’t be forgotten and amplify their stories of struggle.

Come and join us and to remember together.

Limited number of places. Secure your spot HERE.

Everyone is very welcome to the event. All the material needed will be provided. There will also be some ready-made stencils.
If you send us the name up front in the registration form, we can print it on transparent paper so it will be easier to transfer it onto the material.

Solidarity Patchwork. Foto Ingrid Fadnes

About the Solidarity Patchwork

The Solidarity Patchwork is an interactive project created by Astrid and Ingrid Fadnes. A big quilt, consisting of multiple patches, conveys stories of solidarity connected to the 40th year of The Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America.

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