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These are the first Norwegian Keychange delegates.

Charlotte Bendiks, ISÁK and Miss Tati are the first Norwegian artists selected in Keychange's talent development program. In addition, Jennifer Gunn, Kine Lundervold and Amira Morstaq Ali have been selected to be the Norwegian participants in the mentoring program for other industry representatives. Oslo World is one of the official partner festivals in Keychange 2.0, a project that aims to increase diversity on the global music scene.

The Keychange project, led by the Reeperbahn Festival, PRS Foundation and Musikcentrum Öst, aims to make festivals around the world more diverse, through incentives, talent development, open discussions and collaboration between festivals.

Oslo World is one of 12 partner festivals in Keychange and was among the first festivals to sign the pledge of Keychange 1.0. By doing so, we are committed to achieving a 50/50 gender balance by 2022.

Keychange 2.0 involves an extension in several directions. The ambitions are extended to apply to several forms of representation - both gender, sexuality and place of origin. The program is based on a holistic perspective on what one wants with diversity, and it also demands more responsibility from the festivals and industry representatives involved. Counting the distribution of artists is only one of the tools when we work for a more diverse music scene. If we are to increase the pace of this work, the industry will have to open up to young talents to a greater extent and also share knowledge.

Read more about our partnership with Keychange here!

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