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Oslo World Live Sessions

This spring, Oslo World will host a series of concerts built around different themes, starting off at Sentralen May 29th.

These are strange times for music. Perhaps it is a time well spent on looking at how everything is interconnected, by sounds and people. A couple of examples: Does the fulani tradition have anything in common with the wave of nordicana country? How long is it from Skien to Nepal or from Cape Verde to Elverum? What does the fiery free jazz of the sixties have in common with south african music traditions? One way of provoking new thoughts about music is to experience it on a shared stage. To hear something new, together with something you already know intimately.

So what happens if we book different kinds of music, not bound together by genre or geographical origin, but by themes? Oslo World will try to do this in Oslo World Live Sessions, presenting some of our favorite music. Just like everyone else, we are working with strict regulations right now, both in terms of travel, band sizes and audience capacity. Intimacy, small ensembles and local resources will be key for the time being.

Oslo World Sessions is our contribution to a markedly different musical spring. We’ll start of at Sentralen with two concerts – one with story tellers and one with rhythmical duos. Each of the concerts will consist of three 20 minute sets which will be performed two times in one night, for 50 audience members each.

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Adama Barry

Oslo World presents three story tellers:

Adama Barry (Burkina Faso/Norway) performs music on flutes and string instruments he has made himself. He sings in the west-african fulani tradition and is one of Oslos most engaging and charismatic solo artists.

Signe Marie Rustad won a Spellemann for best lyrics this year. Her album, “When Worlds Flew Freely”, was also nominated in the country category and was one of last years most lauded Norwegian record releases. She is at the vanguard of the Norwegian nordicana wave which has made its mark on the scene the last couple of years.

Ary Morais is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from Cape Verde who has lived in Norway since 1995. He has toured numerous countries with his creole singing and idiosyncratic, modern mix of traditional music forms like coladera, morna, batuque and funana.

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Ibou Cissokho & Bafana Nhlap

Oslo World presents three rhythmical duos:

Sanskriti Shrestha and Andreas Wildhagen is a duo consisting of tablas and drums. Shresta is a nepalese musician who has appeared in numerous contexts on the Norwegion improv scene the last ten years, together with people such as Geir Sundstøl, Harpreet Bansal as well as her own bands like Moksha and Avatar. Andreas Wildhagen is a prolific jazz drummer people will have heard in bands such as Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit and Jonas Cambien Trio.

Ramblin’ with Gard Nilssen and André Roligheten is one of the tightest collaborations in Norwegian jazz. They make out two thirds of Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity and also collaborated on the music for the Moldejazz-commission with Gard Nilssen’s Supersonic Orchestra. They play energetic music together, with strong tunes and open ears.

Bafana Nhlapo and Ibou Cissokho. Bafana Nhlapo is one of the most creative percussionists living in Norway – and a fantastic singer to boot. He finds room for both modern styles and musical traditions in his music. He had an early debut on the music scenes of Johannesburg, and ended up in Norway, where he is a striking presence through musical open mindedness and new looks at the possibilities of percussion. Ibou Cissokho is a marvellous kora player and griot who preserves the West African griot tradition, but who also partakes in several genre crossing collaborations on the Norwegian Scene.

In collaboration with Samspill International Music Network.

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