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Oslo World hosts a night at Blå during by:Larm!

Experience Nagirčalmmiid, Mekdes, Cham Leon, Erika de Casier and Gabifuego live with us on September 30.

Together with by:Larm and Blå, we present artists we have great faith in in the coming year and whom we could have booked to our own festival. On September 30 you can join us for a night of Sami metal, Danish pop, 90s indie, festive reggaeton and jazzy, filmic pop electronica - an eclectic mix, just as we like it in Oslo World. Tickets for full or single days can be purchased through by:Larm. Hope to see you there!

19.30: Nagirčalmmiid (NO)
20.30: Mekdes (DK)

21.30: Cham Léon (NO)
22.30: Erika de Casier (EN)
23.30: Gabifuego (NO)

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