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Oslo World Youth on seminar tour

Inspirational tour for tenth graders, with Mustafa Hasan, Iselin Shumba, Priyangika Samanthie and Arthur Xavier Wonder Samma.

In the autumn of 2021, Oslo World Youth has been on a seminar tour at selected Deichman libraries. Tenth graders from Granstangen, Holmlia and Bjørnholt were invited to three different libraries. Mustafa Hasan, Iselin Shumba, Priyangika Samanthie and Arthur Xavier Wonder Samma met committed young people from Oslo, to talk about current topics.

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Mustafa Hasan opened up about his story and his struggle to stay in Norway.

Shumba talked about the climate fight, Samanthie about adoption and "romanticized immigration", Wonder Samma talked about representation amongst minorities and his personal experience coming out as trans, while Mustafa, who has become a national symbol for the refugee cause, performed as an artist and told about his life and his struggle to stay in Norway, the country he grew up in.

Arthur Xavier Wonder Samma in conversation with Clio Chrystostomidis from the Oslo World Youth Council

“These four voices moved us deeply. Hearing them in front of the students from Holmlia and Bjørnholt made an extra impression. It takes courage to tell personal stories and it takes courage for young people to ask questions. Oslo World hopes to be able to further develop this tour concept to accommodate many more young people, many more organizers and many more parts of the country. Talking about belonging, exclusion and taboo topics related to identity, gender, skin color, sexual orientation and class is something that strikes young people in a brutal and fantastic way. I believe many people got a lot to think about after the visit from Oslo World Youth these recent weeks”

Alexandra Archetti Stølen, Festival Manager Oslo World

Oslo World's Youth Council was responsible for the events, in collaboration with the Deichman libraries. The tour visited Deichman Holmlia, Holmlia school and Deichman Bjørnholt, with several events in each place. This winter, the project will also be presented at Deichman Furuset, with students from Granstangen school.

The tour could not have been carried out without support from Kulturtanken, Sparebankstiftelsen and Konfliktrådet. Thanks!

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