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Small Altin Gun Oslo World 2021 Lars Opstad 066
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Thank you!

The 28th edition of Oslo World was truly something special.

Thanks, everyone. We are so happy that so many of you showed up and attended concerts, club nights, exhibitions and talks this year.

Small Altin Gun Oslo World 2021 Lars Opstad 066

Artists from more than 30 countries, on 20 venues, over 6 days. We have repeated these three numbers throughout the year. It has been a good summary of what we tried to achieve: A week where music from all over the world, and the diversity of Oslo's culture- and nightlife really meet. Exactly what it was about was still not really clear until everyone showed up - audiences of all ages, from all kinds of backgrounds. Full concerts with fado, Anatolian psych rock, Bergen-Angolan children's music, eurohope, kuduro, hip hop, griot music and open class. Artists and audiences from Ukraine, Mali, Turkey, Portugal, France, Lebanon. We can talk a lot about the value of experiencing culture across national borders and about the need to create more diversity on our own stages, and we will. But when week 44 is upon us, we are first and foremost struck by how much fun it is to make this festival. It does not feel like learning to eat vegetables, it feels like never running out of dessert.

Amadou Mariam Oslo World 2021 Darja Olsevskaja 09

Thanks to our volunteers, the audience and not least the artists - without you, there is no festival.

Thanks to all partners, contributors and especially our main sponsors the Cultural Council and Oslo Municipality. Thanks to Fritt Ord and Music Norway for supporting the seminar and delegate program.

We are already working on next year's program and in the meantime we look forward to seeing you at concerts around the city!

Love from all of us at Oslo World!

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