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Little Big Sister receives Keychange's inspiration award!

Before Omara Portuondo entered the stage in a packed Oslo Concert Hall, Keychange's inspiration award was presented to Trine Jacobsen, Silje Larsen Borgan and Little Big Sister.

It is an annual award that goes to role models in the music industry, who work for a more open and diverse music scene. Last year, Keychange ambassador Mari Boine presented the award to Oumou Sangaré during the opening concert at Oslo World. This year it was Marit Larsen, Gabrielle, Ary and Sval, who presented the prize, all artists from Little Big Sister.

The jury's reasoning:

The struggle a more diverse music scene is fought in many different arenas. It encompasses everything from grass roots work and public education to the biggest festivals and the music press. Structural change is needed - but we also need role models. People who seek out the remaining borders in order to blow them up.

Since they started in 2015, Little Big Sister has been one of these role models. The bureau has positioned itself as a discerning, smart industry player who represents some of Norway’s biggest pop acts - and who has been instrumental in building these careers. At the same time, they have joined the debate about the work that remains in the music business.

Norwegian pop music has changed drastically in the last ten years. It has become more diverse in many different ways. Little Big Sister has not been alone in seeing this potential - but their level of ambition, and their ability to follow through is unique. Karpe, Emilie Nicolas, Cezinando, Sval, Ary, B-Boy Myhre. Gabrielle, Marit Larsen - it is hard not to associate the very top of Norwegian pop with Little Big Sister.

But their work is not merely about commercial ambition - LBS allows, and encourages artists to evolve. No one has been encouraged to compromise. Not only are Little Big Sister role models in their own right - they have become a creator of role models.

This years Keychange inspiration award goes to Trine Jacobsen, Silje Larsen Borgan and Little Big Sister.

Keychange is an organization that works for increased balance in the music industry, which every year invests in new talent through a participation program, while encouraging festivals, conferences and music institutions to sign a pledge to include at least 50% women and underrepresented genders in their programming. The list of participants includes 40 different countries and over 500 organisations.

Oslo World is the Norwegian partner festival for Keychange.

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