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Oslo World Youth

Meet the team behind our program for youth and young adults.

In March 2022, after receiving many good applications, Oslo World put together a new group of committed, young adults, to lead the festival's work for young people. Oslo World is very happy with the selected group - they are the cultural workers of the future and have helped to shape Oslo World in several ways.

This year's crew consists of Farhad Soufi (19), Lydia Tefera (19), Mubarak Muse (22) og Nora Abbas (18). They have already arranged a seminar program at Kulturfest Tøyen and Nes Secondary School and contributed to Oslo World's Pride concert, as well as OurNeighborhood. For Oslo World, they have booked an exciting seminar program and not least a concert with T-Section, for audiences both over and under 18. They have contributed to Oslo World's booking and have left their mark on the festival. In the future, they will meet gatekeepers from the cultural sector, take courses in photography with festival photographer Lars Opstad and arrange a seminar tour at schools in several Norwegian cities.

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Mubarak Muse (22) is a freelance actor and director who recently completed his studies at the Nordic Black Theatre. He is likes using the camera and works with directing and editing music videos, as well as being an actor in theater, TV series, film and commercials.

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Nora Abbass is 18 years old and comes from Romania and Iraq, but was born in Norway and raised in Bærum. She is fond of music, acting and dancing and has been singing and playing theater and piano for many years. Nora has been an actress in the school theater (revy) for two years and is now managing the actors.

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Lydia Tefera is 19 years old and comes from Trondheim. She studies computer science and has a passion for photography, art and culture. Lydia is spontaneous and likes to jump into new challenges, always with a camera in hand!

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Farhad Soufi is 19 years old and comes from Trosterud in Oslo, but is currently studying art photography in Trondheim. His photo project "Min kant" has been exhibited at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Kunsthall Oslo. When he is not studying or doing art projects, he works with event and portrait photography.

Check out his website here!

Oslo World Youth has booked a concert with T Section and a seminar about "Moving Identities" during this year's festival. Check it out here!

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