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Three new board members

Cecilie Hellestveit is the new chair of the board of Oslo World. Nora Paynter Gundersen and Emnet Kebreab are board members.

Oslo World's board is a complex group, with a huge network and range of expertise - we are now proud to announce three new, competent members. Cecilie Hellestveit's expertise in human rights, freedom of expression, ethical and legal issues, as well as focus on countries in conflict and war, will be very useful for Oslo World in the future. Besides, Cecilie is a person who loves music and dance and enjoys the rich culture life of Oslo as often as she can.

The new board members have a lot to contribute with. Emnet Kebreab has broad experience with work in the cultural field and she is part of several professional committees and boards. She has been attending Oslo World as an audience for more than ten years.

Nora Paynter Gundersen has a beating heart for the festival and through her work in, among other things, Flott Gjort, she works in the intersection of urban development, culture, music and business. She knows Oslo's nightlife very well and also has good knowledge of the Oslo World festival in itself.

The board consists of a group of people with broad experience and different backgrounds. We feel lucky to start the work on a new strategy, as well as preparations for the festival’s 30th anniversary in 2023, with such great people in the team.

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