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Amman Music Talks

Over three days, artists, activists, diplomats and politicians meet in Amman, to create opportunities for a more equal music industry.

We’re so excited to announce the launch of the Amman Music Talks - a Nordic-Jordanian conference collaboration towards a gender balanced music industry, highlighting the role of women in music in Jordan and across the region.

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Festival director Alexandra Archetti Stølen, is part of roundtables and panels at Amman Music Talks.

The idea behind Amman Music Talks is to create an event where we focus on freedom of expression and gender balance in the music industry, as well as how local and international grass root movements and initiatives can be crucial for change. Artists from Jordan, Norway and Sweden will have the opportunity to interact and create networks and projects that can be of great importance in the future. Oslo World has a long history of work with international projects and believe that building strong collaborations is essential for the music industry to develop with greater diversity and balance.

Alexandra Archetti Stølen, Oslo World

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Laura Gamacho Salgado, from Oslo World, leading the Utopian Manifesto Workshop in Amman.

AMT will take place from 6-8 February 2023, with a program of roundtable sessions, talks, and interactive workshops, featuring a great lineup of speakers and music professionals, towards networking for future partnerships between Jordan and Nordic countries. The diverse program is complemented by live performances by Nordic and Jordanian artists in the evenings, including a jam session, and showcase concerts.

Through cultural exchange, we aim to bridge the gap and bring the global community together in sharing knowledge, addressing challenges, and learning from one another to boost women’s presence for a more inclusive and diverse music ecosystem.

AMT is curated by Oslo World and Amman Jazz Festival, in partnership with the Norwegian and Swedish Embassies in Amman, with financial support from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

See the complete program here!

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