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Erlend Apneseth and Almir & Daniel with A. Cissoko, M. Mortensson & S. Camara to Oslo World 2023!

Genre crossing super band with enormous wingspan and Balkan folk music meets impulses from all over the world.

Erlend Apneseth

With his distinctive playing style and a long series of critically acclaimed Hubro releases with various musical projects, harding fiddle player Erlend Apneseth has become a darling in Norwegian folk music, jazz and contemporary music.

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Tradition is contemporary by Erlend Apneseth at TEDxOslo, 2013

Almir & Daniel feat. Marja Mortensson, Sidiki Camara and Ablaye Cissoko

The duo Almir & Daniel both represent and expand this meeting in their playing. The violinist Daniel Lazar is born in Serbia, while the accordionist Almir Meskovic is born in Bosnia. Both grew up with music influenced by Balkan folk, Romani music, klezmer, classical music and everything in between.

Oslo World is proud to host the release party for Almir & Daniel's new album. They will take over the National Jazz Stage with guests Ablaye Cissoko, Marja Mortensson and Sidiki Camara.

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Almir & Daniel - Negdje u daljini

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