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Oslo World 2023 at Internasjonalen!

Musings on Fusion

Cultural meetings in music can yield great results at their best, and cringeworthy moments at their worst. How do you make it work? What are the pitfalls? How do you level the musical playing field between performers from different traditions?

In this panel, we meet four musicians who have tried to crack these codes.

Mira Thiruchelvam

Marianna S. A. Røe
Thomas Kongshavn
Knut Reiersrud

Filip Roshauw

Read more about the talk here!

Beyond Music Musings on fusion web
Beyond Music - Talk: Musings on Fusion

Seen and heard echoes of Vietnam: Who defines how we are represented?

Step into a world where echoes of Vietnam resound, where stories are shaped and redefined, and where the power of representation takes center stage. The struggle for agency over one's body and narrative unfolds on multiple fronts, urging individuals to carve their identities within the intricate tapestry of cultures.

Susanne Xin
Zach Sch & Jung Buffalo fra Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective

Chi Ton

Read more about the talk here!

Beyond Music Echoes of Vietnam web
Beyond Music - Talk: Seen and heard echoes of Vietnam

The Power of Music and Advocacy

We are excited to present an exclusive artist talk with the legendary Greek artist, George Dalaras. He is much more than a musician. As a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), he has been an unwavering advocate for refugee and migrant rights.

During this artist talk, attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage with Dalaras in an intimate Q&A session, where he will share personal stories and anecdotes from his life and career.

Moderator: Theodoros Rakopoulos

Read more about the talk here!

Beyond Music power of music and advocacy web
Beyond Music - Talk: The Power of Music and Advocacy

Musikkreisen live at Internasjonalen

Meet Oslo World's artists in an intimate setting at Internasjonalen. Big stars and up-and-coming artists share their stories and play stripped-down versions of their own music, for audiences and listeners. The live broadcast is led by veteran music journalist Arne Berg.

Read more about the Musikkreisen live here!

16 9 seriebilde Musikkreisen v1 stort
Beyond Music - Talk & Concert: NRK P2 Musikkreisen live

Festival office

During Oslo World we will move our office to Internasjonalen at Youngstorget. Stop by if you want to buy merch, pick up your volunteer pass or have a chat with someone who works at the festival.

Opening hours festival office at Internasjonalen:
Tuesday - Friday:

See the entire festival program here!

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