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Oslo World 2023 at Victoria Nasjonal Jazzscene!

Mira Thiruchelvam & Vestnorsk Jazzensemble

The orchestra Mira Thiruchelvam has assembled in her cooperation with Vestnorsk Jazzensemble (VNJE) bears a deeply personal signature - and it speaks volumes about the still untapped potential on the Norwegian music scene.

Thiruchelvam is a flutist, composer, lyricist and producer, known from her band 9 Grader Nord and award winning collaborations with Gutu Abera and the concert version of Karpes Omar Sheriff. Throughout her career, she has blended her musical background from Sri Lanka with just about anything. In this instance, “just about anything” means diverse impulses such as Syrian oud, Indian classical violin and vocals, indie dream pop from Bergen, greek folk music, modular synths and jazz heavyweights. Catchy, experimental and shape shifting - Mira Thiruchelvam & VNJE shows us a future for improvised music in Norway, here and now.

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9 grader nord - Vayppu


Onipa is the fiery collaboration between some of the heaviest players on the vibrant, genre crossing UK scene at the moment. It was born out of collaboration between two long-time friends: The rapper K.O.G. (Kweku Sackey) from Ghana and the eclectic producer Tom Excell (musical director of Nubiyan Twist). When they join forces, sounds from Ghana, London and beyond meet. This year, their third album Off the Grid dropped - a journey that combines dance rhythms from Africa to electronic dance music of today's clubs and festivals, connecting African folklore and storytelling to rap, jazz and hip hop. It was released on Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records, and features collaborators such as Moonchild Sanelly, David Walters, Dele Sosimi and Theon Cross.

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Onipa - Danger at SXSW Online

Almir & Daniel with Marja Mortensson, Sidiki Camara and Ablaye Cissoko

The duo Almir & Daniel both represent and expand this meeting in their playing. The violinist Daniel Lazar is born in Serbia, while the accordionist Almir Meskovic is born in Bosnia. Both grew up with music influenced by Balkan folk, Romani music, klezmer, classical music and everything in between.

Oslo World is proud to host the release party for Almir & Daniel's new album. They will take over the National Jazz Stage with guests Ablaye Cissoko, Marja Mortensson and Sidiki Camara.

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Almir & Daniel - Negdje u daljini

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