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Sara Parkman to Oslo World 2023!

An emerging talent in contemporary Swedish folk music.

On November 3rd, the festival evening at Cosmopolite starts with our dear friends Huun-Huur-Tu, before Sara Parkman makes her first performs at Oslo World. Tickets are available for each concert, but you can secure tickets for both, for a discounted price today!

Sara Parkman

During Sara Parkman's performance at Blå in March, we were completely blown away by the power of her voice, her stage presence and the emotional thrust of her music. The very next day, we contacted Sara Parkman about returning to Oslo World. Parkman has found a way of embracing Swedish traditions in thoughtful and unexpected ways. The strong melodies and huge cinematic moments in her source material has made the violinist, singer and composer a breakout star on the contemporary Swedish folk music scene.

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Sara Parkman - Björnen


Ever since their founding in the early nineties and the breakthrough album The Orphan’s Lament in 1994, the Tuvan quartet Huun-Huur-Tu has brought the rich, ritual throat chants of Central Asia to audiences all over the world. In doing so, they have not only made a name for themselves - they have played a unique role in spreading knowledge about traditional laryngeal singing in the world of modern music. They have also played memorable shows at Oslo World twice before - in 2009 and 2014. We are delighted to welcome them back for a third time this year!

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Huun-Huur-Tu - Orphan's Lament

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