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Meet the team behind Oslo World Youth 2024!

Eugenia, Sakib, Duc og Jade will be in charge of the festival's work for youth in 2024.

For the past five years, Oslo World has worked to establish an inclusive and innovative initiative for young people that we have called Oslo World Youth.

The heart of Oslo World Youth is our young staff, consisting of four talents with different experience and background, but a common interest in the culture. In the long term, we want Oslo World Youth to be a springboard into the cultural industry for a new generation of cultural producers. The staff's task is to create events for youth and young adults, both locally in Oslo and in other Norwegian cities.

We are finally ready to launch our new group of committed, young adults, who will be in charge of the festival's work for young people in 2024, under guidance from our project manager Henriette Vold. Say hello to Eugenia, Saqib, Duc and Jade, we are so excited to get to know you better!


Eugenia Stang Lund

Eugenia (20) studies fashion & design at ESMOD. She has danced for large parts of her life, participated in Soul Sessions Youth and is now one of the Opera's youth ambassadors. In addition, she works as a host at Sentralen, where Oslo World has its offices.


Sakib Saboor

Sakib (24) is a photographer and has a bachelor's degree in digital marketing, specializing in branding and photojournalism, from Kristiania University College. He has several years of experience working with communication in the arts, culture and media industry, and is currently working as an information advisor at TrAP (Transcultural Arts Productions). As a photographer, he works with visual storytelling and exploration of identity in documentary style, with both digital and analogue photography.


Jade Nduta Stump

Jade (24) studies musicology at UiO and enjoys going to, but also arranging, concerts. She is festival manager for the student festival in Oslo and production manager for the Concert Association Betong, where she has previously been both manager and music manager.


Manh Duc Nguyen

Duc (19) comes from Oslo and is in his last year studying science with top sport basketball, at Bjerke VGS. He also likes to work with film and photography, and creates content on various platforms. In addition, he thrives in front of the camera and has taken on several assignments as an extra both in tv series and commercials.

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