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Saliah, Sofia Kourtesis, J Noa og Infinity Song to Oslo World 2024!

Club music with impulses from SWANA and Peru, hard-hitting rap from the Dominican Republic and soft rock from viral siblings. This autumn Saliah, Sofia Kourtesis, J Noa and Infinity Song are coming to Norway and Oslo World, for the very first time!


Saliah is an internationally acclaimed music producer and DJ of British-Lebanese origin, renowned for their distinctive conceptual sound and technical skills that seamlessly connects music from across the SWANA region, with bass-heavy club genres from the UK, and beyond. Their stage presence and ability to connect with the crowd has won hearts across the globe; selling out all her international headline shows in 2023. 

Saliah's track Habibi Riddim was recently named Jaguar’s ‘Dance floor moment’ on BBC Radio One, and they set the record for the first all-female line up to sell out a venue in Cairo, Egypt. Saliah is continuously working behind the scenes supporting grass-roots organisations, teaching DJ workshops with a community-first mindset to leave a legacy that she describes as: “for us, by us”.

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SOFIA KOURTESIS + g-HA, Olanskii (Frædag)

In collaboration with g-Ha, Olanskii and Frædag, Oslo World presents the Peruvian DJ and record producer Sofia Kourtesis. Already before her debut album Madres was released last year, Kourtesis was among the fastest rising stars in the electronic world, having graced the cover of Mixmag and appearing on end of year-lists from publications such as Pitchfork, DJ Mag and Spotify. She had also played instant sell-out shows at London’s Lafayette and Manchester’s YES as well as performances at Glastonbury and Primavera, to mention but a few highlights. Part of what has always made Kourtesis’ music unique is the melding of her Berlin home and her South American upbringing. Ideas often appear during travels, the bright, breezy technicolour of Peru combining with the clubbier, more driven elements of her life in Berlin. As she puts it, “my heart is very Latin American, but my motor is German”. 

Kourtesis moved to Berlin as a teenager to escape. Having been kicked out of school for kissing a girl, she was sent to conversion therapy. Despite support from her family, she finally fled to Germany. In Berlin, the newfound freedom came out through her music while she embraced her role as an activist. Already recognized as a rare talent in the world of electronic music, Kourtesis is also a staunch campaigner for gender equality, protection of queer people and access to safe abortions in Peru. 

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In a short span of time, J Noa has charmed and scored international support for her gritty lyricism, direct delivery and sharp verses. Born Nohelys Jimenez in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic, the neighborhood that raised J Noa fed her hunger for lyricism and dance at every turn. She built a cult following and viewership through her on-camera rap verses and rap battles. The videos caught the attention of many in the industry including veteran rappers who celebrated her bars. Upon signing to Sony Music Entertainment, she starred in the first edition of a documentary series titled ‘Mi Barrio’, which aims to show the new generation of outstanding musicians in the Latin urban movement. In 2023, her debut on NPR’s Tiny Desk went viral. The same week, she received her first Latin GRAMMY nomination for Best Song Rap/Hip Hop for “Autodidacta,” the focus track from her acclaimed debut EP, Autodidacta

J Noas abilities span various homegrown genres like bachata, merengue típico, and dembow. Her lyrics center around the socio economic reality of the Dominican Republic, making her a voice and advocate for freedom of speech, educational equality, and against corruption. She is still developing as an artist, her sight set on new goals. Whatever the future holds for J Noa, there will be no compromise. 

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With a blend of tight vocal harmonies, dreamy lyricism and sublime guitar riffs, Infinity Song are bridging the sounds of legendary 70s groups such as Fifth Dimension, The Mamas and The Papas, and ABBA with our contemporary musical culture. Based in New York City, the band consists of the siblings Abraham, Angel, Israel, and Momo Boyd. They were homeschooled academically and musically along with their 5 other brothers and sisters by parents who founded the Boys & Girls Choirs of Detroit. When the Boyd patriarch, John Boyd, relocated the entire family from Detroit to New York in 2006, they began performing publicly all around the city. After several years of turning casual park visitors into loyal fans, the group was introduced to Jay-Z. 

In 2016, he signed the band to Roc Nation, advising them not to conform, but rather allow Roc Nation’s artistic culture to catch up to them. In 2020, they  made a giant splash with their debut album “Mad Love” and viral videos that amassed millions of views. Infinity Song is currently reeling from the reception of their now viral single, “Haters Anthem”, that is being released ahead of their next project. With over 200 million people having heard the song, an endorsement by popstar Doja Cat, and a number of press write ups, the catchy single is making waves all around the world. 

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