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Alyona Alyona (Ukraine)

  • Trekanten
  • Doors: 20:00
  • Concert: 21:00
  • Price: 250,- + fee

The star of Ukrainian rap returns.

Last year, the ukranian rapper Alyona Alyona performed one of the best shows during Oslo World, in front of a packed, ecstatic Blå. It was the tour de force, showcasing her humor and talent for everyone present.

Alyona Savranenko was born in the Kirovogradskaya region in central-Ukraine after the wall fell. She got her breakthrough rapping about everyday things. “There are those who knit socks or make food. I rap. That is my hobby,” she explained. At the same time, she made a conscious choice of switching to Ukrainian as language of choice after the Euromaidan protests in 2013. “There are words in Ukrainian who are my own, and I wanted to use them,” she said.

That choice has taken on a different meaning this year. Together with her fellow ukrainians, Alyona Alyona is fighting for her home country, on every battle field. She has done so with a courage and integrity which won’t surprise anyone who experienced her before the invasion this spiring. This year, Alyona Alyona returns to Oslo. She will take part in discussions and perform a new concert. We are looking forward to having her here again.


3. november: Oslo World

4. november: Oslo World

5. november: Bergen internasjonale musikkfestival

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