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Hulbækmo & Jacobsen Familieorkester (NO)

Traditional and groovy!

The name “Hulbækmo & Jacobsen family orchestra” has only existed for a handful of years, but their roots run deep. The couple Tone Hulbækmo and Hans Fredrik Jacobsen are two of the most well known practitioners of Norwegian folk music and medieval music, and early on in their careers, they also started experimenting with the music.

All told, they have won three Spellemanns (the Norwegian Grammy equivalent), and their sons Hans and Alf joined them on tour as soon as they were able.

Tone Hulbækmo is a unique singer, she rejuvenated the Norwegian harp tradition, and she also plays harmonium and medieval lyre.

Hans Fredrik Jacobsen is one of Norways most prolific flute players and has pretty much been everyrwhere in Norwegian music, from folk music recordings to a victory in the Eurovision Song Contest as a part of Secret Garden.

Hans and Alf joined them on tour all across the world from an early age. Now, they are both central figures on the new Norwegian music scene. Alf is a composer, piano player and organ player. In 2019, he composed the prestigious commissioned JazZtipendiat-concert during Molde Jazzfestival.

Hans Hulbækmo is unique. He is a genuinely open minded drummer who features in bands like Atomic, Skadedyr, Moskus, Broen, Erlend Apneseths Fragmentarium, et cetera et cetera. In addition to percussion - which, in his world, pretty much means anything, he often plays jews harp, saw and flutes.

All these impulses are evident in the family orchestra.

Norwegiangammaldans, medieval music, original material, infused with improvisation, a plethora of instruments, mystique and curiosity. Without ever becoming too obvious, the quartet opens new windows into old Norwegian music traditions.

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Rockefeller Music Hall

Tuesday 02. november

Concert starts 20:00

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Sentrum Scene

Wednesday 03. november

Concert starts 20:00

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Double concert!

Pongo + Ami Yerewolo


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Maria José Llergo


Thursday 04. november

Concert starts 20:00

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Friday 05. november

Concert starts 21:00

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Alyona Alyona


Friday 05. november

Concert starts 21:00