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Safemuse & Hvitsten Salongprat

Art, archives and why it matters to history

  • Melahuset
  • Starts at 10.00
  • Price: Free of charge

Artistic freedom of expression is under pressure in the world today. Artists often find themselves at the center, as well as on the front line, during cultural, social and religious processes, revolutions and political conflicts. Female and other minority artists are particularly vulnerable.

This conversation raises the question of why art is so essential and how it affects society. Furthermore, it explores what happens to art history when regimes change and the role of archiving in preventing pieces of history are lost. Belarus is one of the many countries where government authorities in recent years have tightened their grip on artistic freedom of expression. Panelists include Stina Högkvist, Director of Exhbitions and Collections at the National Museum, Arnt Fredheim, art historian and curator, and Zhanna Gladko, Belarusian visual artist, moderated by Celina Jerman Bright-Taylor, adviser in Safemuse.

In collaboration with Safemuse and Hvitsten salong.

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