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Launch: INN

“INN” is a new organization which aims to better the work of artists and cultural workers with minority background i Norway through political work, strategic work and with competence building. The organization, who brings artists from different fields together, will be launched during this years Oslo World at Internationalen.

At this event, “INN” will present who they are and what they work with during the first part. In the second, they will invite rebels both young and old to a talk about minority work in Norwegian culture. What motivated them before? What did they do? Are the “young rebels” facing the same questions today? What new challenges have appeared, and what remains unsolved? How do we move forward?

Khalid Salimi foto David Brandt

Khalid Salimi

Khalid Salimi is a Norwegian-Pakistani human rights activist, author and critic. He was the director of the Norwegian Centre against Racism from 1983 to 1998, he has led the Mela Foundation since 2001 and he founded the Mela Festival in Norway, 2001. He was the deputy chairman of the Norwegian Culture Council from 1996 to 2004.

Johanna Alem

Johanna Alem

Johanna Alem works as Head of Event & Promotion at Universal Music Norway. She is also an "agent of change" for Music Norway, and is part of an internal group in Universal Music Norway that works with diversity and inclusiveness in the Norwegian music business. They initiated the program “Raise your voice” which was broadcasted on NRK in june, with over 30 Norwegian artists and profiles.

Sven Henriksen - Fotograf: Per Heimly

Sven Henriksen

Sven Henriksen is deputy chairman in the INN-board. He is a Samí Norwegian actor, dramatist and public debater. He has appeared in everything from the legendary Norwegian soap Hotel Cæsar to the christmas calendar “Nissene over skog og hei” and “Sofies World”. He also workes extensively on stage, both as an actor and director.

Uma Feed Tjelta

Uma Feed Tjelta

Uma Feed Tjelta is a public voice and actor. She has an education in method acting from NSKI Høyskole and has worked freelance for years. She has been a part of several performances and stage productions, and has done bit parts for tv, film and commercial. Uma is also involved in the festival “Film fra sør” as project leader for the section “Det Kritiske Rom” (The Critical Space).

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