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2018 Pinelopi Gerasimou 1

Marina Satti (Greece)

Marina Satti, also known as SATTI, uses the traditional music of her home country as a base for her explorations of modern pop music.

Many listeners will recognise the single “Mantissa”, inspired by the traditional music from Epirus, which went viral on youtube in 2017. In the music video, Satti and her friends move through the streets of Athens while they perform a mixture between greek traditional dance and Bollywood moves. It inspired fans from all over the world to make their own versions of the video, and to date, it has been streamed over 48 million times.

Satti was born in Athens and grew up in Heraklion on the island of Crete, together with her sudanese father and greek mother. From early on, she had an urge for expression, to cross disciplines and borders. She explored music and design, theatre, architecture, classical piano, songwriting and music production, all the while building her professional career. She has toured Europe with the European Jazz Orchestra, as a representative of Greece. She has been an actor in the greek national theatre and the opera, and she has worked with luminaries such as Bobby McFerrin, Paco de Lucia, Wayne Shorter, Danilo Perez, Nikos Mamangakisk, Nikos Kypourgos and many more. She draws her inspiration from the Balkans, greek islands and the arab peninsula, melding everything together in an urban, contemporary reality. This is Sattis response to the growth of xenophobia and intolerance, her way of pushing back against a narrow worldview.

2019 Pinelopi Gerasimou 1

Satti comes to Oslo World as a solo artist. The debut album will drop right before the festival. Her music can be provocative, catchy, and a joy to behold in every way. We will meet one of Europe’s most interesting young artists, a person with a clear artistic vision and a rebellious urge to push back against simplicity, and to embody all the different and contradictory experiences which make up a human life in shifting cultural and political times.

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