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Nimco Happy

  • Riksscenen
  • Doors: 22.30
  • Concert: 23.00
  • Price: 280,-
  • 04. December til 06. November 2022

When love goes viral. A true Tik Tok legend will perform at Oslo World.

Oslo World will arrange two concerts with the viral Tik Tok-star Nimco Happy on Riksscenen. The concert on Friday November 5th is for audiences over 18, but the concert on Sunday November 7th is open for everyone - youth, children and families!

In many ways, 2021 was an unusual year for music, and “Isii Nafta” (“Give me life”) by Nimco Happy was one of its most memorable success stories. Nimco Happy is a singer, actor, and the first female Somali artist to sign with a major label. The Somali pop star and viral sensation has captured the hearts of the Somali diaspora, which again led to more fans from all over the world. “Isii Nafta” is the reason - the song first got attention in East Africa a couple of years ago. From then on, it largely stayed in East African circles until Somali youth began using the song in TikTok videos, and the song exploded, spurring thousands of dance videos - among them one from Cardi B and her sister. It is a prime example of the unpredictable ways hits work in our time.

Throughout this unusual ride, Nimco has said that she simply wants to share the love. She wants to change people’s view of the Somali diaspora, and in return she wants to remind the diaspora that she is where she is because of love: “Reason is, we love love and we are born in love”, as she put it in an interview.

All this makes her an ideal booking for our first collaboration with Somali Week. The new Oslo festival, which had its debut this spring, invites people to take part in Somali culture in several of our favorite venues - and we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with them on a truly special night at Riksscenen.

Event dates

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Sunday 04. December

23.00 - Riksscenen

Konsert for publikum over 18 år

Price: 280,-

Sunday 06. November

15.00 - Riksscenen

Konsert for publikum under 18 år og familier

Price: 170,- /65,- + 425,- for familier

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