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Stian pipe banjo

Stian Carstensen "Romkameratene"

  • Riksscenen
  • Doors: 19.30
  • Concert: 20.30
  • Price: 240 / 180,- + fee

Stian Carstensen gathers some of his favourite musicians from Balkan in new super group.

The up until now completely unknown band “Romkameratene” consists of some of Balkans best musicians, alongside some of our favourite Norwegian acts.

Giani Lincan comes from a gypsy family in Bucharest, who have been professional musicians for over 300 years. He is one of the world's foremost players of the fascinating instrument cimbalom, which he uses for both percussion, harmonies and lyrical cascades of tones. Giani wrote the music for the film Grand Hotel Budapest, and during Ceacescu's regime in Romania he had to entertain at the palace when Saddam Hussein was on a state visit. Hearing him is like taking part in a trip, where fire and sadness are the main ingredients.

Filip Simeonov "Fekata" is a legend in Bulgaria, also known as "Fabrika za kiutchetsi", or “gypsy melody factory” in English. He comes from a family of Roman / Turkish origin in northern Bulgaria and has been a professional musician since he was 11 years old. Filip is an incomparable improviser who fully masters Greek, Macedonian, Romanian Turkish and Arabic music. He was not allowed to perform on Bulgarian television during communism, because he played too many quarter tones and embellishments, which was looked upon as degenerating the music, by the Communist Party. Fortunately, Filip is an uncompromising man who pours out his rich musical heritage with a generous hand, despite the fact that he has been in prison for his clarinet playing.

Stian Carstensen is best known from the band Farmers Market, which turns 30 years in 2021. He has studied folk music in the Balkans since the early 90's and has worked with genres ranging from classical to country. Stian has his own way of playing Eastern European music, and his compositions are popular in the Bulgarian gypsy communities. They have also been used in Bulgarian soap commercials.

Bassist Ole Morten Vågan from Brønnøysund is known for his rhythmic double bass playing. When he fiddles with the bass, time stands still. Ole Morten is also an impressive improviser and artistic director for various projects.

Welcome to an evening in the world of spontaneity and deep traditional music.

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