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Sweetcheeks: Kabeaushé + Adipop + ASDFGHJKL

  • Blå
  • Doors: 22.00
  • Concert: 22.00:DJs 22.30: Kabeaushé 23.20: DJs
  • Price: 280,-

This year, Oslo World and Sweetcheeks will join forces at Blå, presenting the Kenyan artist Kabeaushé and the Oslo-based DJs Adipop and ASDFGHJKL.

Through a string of legendary club nights, where they have presented a range of different DJ’s, Sweetcheeks has become an essential addition to Oslo club culture. Their booking profile is international and cutting edge, and their way of presenting it is lavish, with great attention spent on visual detail. The result is something we haven’t quite seen before in Oslo - a safe space for people of all orientations, without ever pushing the subject of identity. Glamorous, progressive and inclusive - when you visit Sweetcheeks, Oslo feels like a bigger city.

Kabeaushé (Kenya)

The music of Kabeaushé is an intoxicating mix of everything that makes pop music fun and seductive - their influences range from Prince and Bollywood to Tyler, the Creator. It is futuristic and playful, centered around themes like cuteness and softness. When the Kenyan artist plays live, their performances are hybrids of music and theatre, developed together with a creative team in Kampala. The capital of Uganda is also the home of Nyege Nyege, one of the most progressive music collectives in the world, which held a residency at Oslo World back in 2019. Through their festival and their label, they are providing pop and club music with new, distinctly east-african impulses. Kabeaushé is a natural fit for this philosophy, and in the summer of 2022, they will release an album on Nyege Nyege Tapes.



Adipop has played clubs in Oslo and beyond since 2012. The Oslo-based DJ combines hip-hop and RnB with afrobeat, kizomba, dembow, dancehall, baile and electronic music. She is strongly influenced by Nigerian music culture and the Jamaican dancehall and reggae scene. In Oslo nightlife, she was known as one half of the DJ duo GYMMEN, before she went solo in 2017. Since then, she has held a residency at Diskoteket in Trondheim, and done guest spots at clubs in Stockholm, London and New York. She has also done support gigs for international names such as Kingdom and Jillionaire, as well as a radio show for the UK station Radar Radio.


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Nobody seems able to define what ASDFGHJKL does, not even the people behind the moniker. Wherever they play, they are working towards good vibes. Their attitude towards the concept of clubbing remains experimental, where the only thing that matters is bringing people together on the dance floor. Other than that, their sounds are free flowing, across borders and time periods.


4. november: Oslo World
5. november: Tromsø World

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