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UNDERGRUNN + Kode59 (Norway)

  • Blå
  • Doors: 20:00
  • Concert: 21:00
  • Price: 200,- + fee

A young, Norwegian rap group making their mark on the Norwegian music scene.

Undergrunn has stood out on the Norwegian rap scene ever since their live debut in the basement of the bar Pauls Boutique (RIP), in 2018. They were only 15 then, and had just released the debut single “Isbil”. Half a year later, they played to a packed Revolver during by:Larm, and things have kept on evolving ever since.

The close-knit gang of UG Plaza, UG Mar$tein, UG Fretex, UG Pus, UG Rikpappa and UG Loverboy have enrolled in different high schools, they have played concerts in all the big Norwegian cities and they have released several singles and impressive freestyles, in addition to a mixtape and two rock solid albums - Firenze’s Finest and Buketter og Ballspill. Both have gotten rave reviews and an increasing number of streams. Undergrunn has moved the studio out of Loverboy’s basement, and both their production and bars are getting tighter and better, track by track. “You don’t have to sing about society to have depth. I think there’s more depth in making songs about the things we find fun, but doing it with coherent lines and phrasing”, Mar$tein said in an interview, and it says alot about the way the group approaches their music.

During the pandemic, they released the single «Savner min klikk», a song about social distancing and increasing prices on hash. It hit a nerve. By now, Undergrunn are one of the greatest prospects on the Norwegian music scene. The six members have a chemistry all of their own, an energetic way of bouncing off one another, as well as great lyrical instincts. People have clamored for more concerts from them and it will happen during Oslo World. Who knows what they have come up with by November.