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This year's Keychange participants are ready!

74 artists artists and innovators get the opportunity to participate in Keychange's talent development programme.

Keychange, the pioneering international initiative for gender equity in the music industry, welcomes 74 new participants to its 2023 Talent Development Programme.

Bringing together a multitude of different skills and networks through the Keychange Pledge and Talent Development Programme, Keychange offers a unique ecosystem with international collaboration at its heart.

Selected by industry and export specialists as future leaders, the newly announced participants mark the third cohort of artists and music industry professionals from 12 countries across Europe and Canada to take part in a year-long programme. It follows a highly competitive open call that received 830 applications.

Oslo World is a partner festival in the pioneering international initiative Keychange, which works systematically to transform the future of the music industry. We are very happy to welcome Moyka, Maud, KAMARA, Maria Bringsjord, Dana Jdid and Inger Braten to this year's talent development program and can't wait to collaborate with them and the international network.

Read more about the collaboration between Keychange and Oslo World here.

Keychange introduces the 74 new participants:

NORWAY: (Artists): Moyka, Maud, KAMARA

(Innovators): Maria Bringsjord, Dana Jdid, Inger Braten

CANADA: (Artists) The Garrys, Desiree Dawson, Liza, Meisha and The Spanks

(Innovators) Roxanne Lemieux, Kingsley Swim, Nancy Lee, Gaby Gauthier-Durand

ESTONIA: (Artists) Maris Pihlap, Manna, Bedless Bones

(Innovators): Iti Teder, Tanya Korenik, Paula Hakkaja

FRANCE: (Artists) BRÖ, TOLVY, Poundo

(Innovators) Cecilia Pietrzko, Gina Périer, Lola Levent

GERMANY: (Artists) Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys, Gloria de Oliviera, Ava Vegas

(Innovators): Katie Wellenberg, Sarah Jane Nicholson, Amande Dagod

ICELAND: (Artists) CYBER, Jelena Ciric, MSEA

(Innovators) Josie Anne Gaitens, Lama-sea Dear, Inga Magnes Weisshappel

ITALY: (Artists) IRuna, Claudym, Queen of Saba

(Innovators): Margherita Devalle, Alice Salvalai, Marika Lelario

POLAND: (Artists) Izzy and the Black Trees, Agata Karczewska, Iza Smelczynska

(Innovators) Magda Jedrzejewska, Anna Klimczak, Urszula Nowak

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: (Artists): Pastiche, Tolü Makay, Katie Phelan

(Innovators): Bekah Molony, Maya Cullen Petrovic, Mags Blackburn

SPAIN: (Artists): The Crab Apples, Gela, SUNESIS

(Innovators): Esther Cid, Grace Puluczek, Mabel Alonso

SWEDEN: (Artists) Aasma, Felin, Kristina Issa

(Innovators) Naomi Wood, Sorrel Salb, Jonna Eve Eriksson

UK: (Artists): Halina Rice, Pyra, Freddie Lewis

(Innovators): Michelle Kambasha, NIKS, Saskhia Menendez

Listen to the Keychange 2023 artist playlists here on SoundCloud and Spotify.
Find out more about each of the 2023 artists and innovators on the Keychange website here, which serves as a rich resource of fresh international talent for festivals, venues and beyond.

Oslo World's collaboration with Keychange is supported by Keychange, Talent Norge and Norsk Tipping. Keychange is supported by Creative Europe.

Keychange and CE Lockup

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