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DAGADANA all flowers fot P D Kosmowska stort
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DAGADANA and «Lullaby of the sea» with Solveig Slettahjell og Mahsa Vahdat to Oslo World 2023!

Progressive Polish-Ukrainian fusion and two great voices meet in the lullaby.


The last 15 years, DAGADANA has explored Polish and Ukrainian culture, blending traditional Slavic music with every thinkable genre under the sun. Since their first meeting, they have traveled the world, playing over 1 000 concerts in 30 different countries.

DAGADANA’s philosophy is centered around the value in meeting and exchanging music and art from all over the world. They see themselves as musical ambassadors, carrying a message of understanding between Poland and Ukraine.

Before and after the concert, DJ Yantime will keep the party going. We are looking forward to the concert as a collaboration with Cosmopolite Scene!

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DAGADANA - Goi Ty nasha Pani

Lullaby of the sea

The stage is set for a meeting between two truly remarkable voices when Solveig Slettahjell and Mahsa Vahdat join together, singing duets based on new and classic lyrics in Persian and Norwegian. They have two outstanding musicians with them - Tord Gustavsen and Sjur Miljeteig.

After the concert, a conversation will be held with Erik Hillestad, Solveig Slettahjell and Mahsa Vahdat as part of the Beyond Music program during the festival. More information to come!

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Lullaby of the sea - Havets voggesang

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