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DAGADANA all white fot P D Kosmowska


DAGADANA (Poland/Ukraine)

  • Cosmopolite
  • Doors: 20.00
  • Concert: 21.00
  • Price: 350,- / 300,- + fees

Progressive Polish-Ukrainian fusion.

The last 15 years, DAGADANA has explored Polish and Ukrainian culture, blending traditional Slavic music with every thinkable genre under the sun.

The band members met at a workshop in Kraków in 2008, and found that they shared an understanding and a love for the same things in music and life. Since their first meeting, DAGADANA has traveled the world, playing over 1 000 concerts in 30 different countries. The band has performed in the Moroccan desert, The Forbidden City in China and at Glastonbury. Their albums have received critical acclaim and awards, both in their home countries and abroad.

DAGADANA all flowers wall fot P D Kosmowska stort
Photo: P. D. Kosmowska

DAGADANA’s philosophy is centered around the value in meeting and exchanging music and art from all over the world. They see themselves as musical ambassadors, carrying a message of understanding between Poland and Ukraine. This work has gotten a new and tragic relevance in the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

Poland and Ukraine are neighboring countries, both with Slavic origins. They have similar languages and customs. When exploring their roots, DAGADANA has found a multitude of similarities and differences between the two cultures. This has become their plaything, and their latest album “Tobie” from 2021 is a prime example: It is full of wishing songs, the oldest songs preserved in Slavic Lands. These songs become vantage points for a joyous and groovy journey through fusion, experimental electronic music and art pop. At their best, the band’s ongoing and omnivorous experiments represent a cause for defiant optimism: If not in the world of politics, then in the music's ability to surprise, to move and to forge new understandings.

DAGADANA - Goi Ty nasha Pani

DJ Yantimer

When the doors open at 20.00 and after the concert with DAGADANA, the Polish DJ and producer Yantimer (Janek Taraszkiewicz) will keep the party going. He has been present on the music scene since 1999. Besides national parties, he also performed in Brazil, USA, UK and 8 other countries. His DJ style is house & funk mixed with global tunes, as well as Polish & Ukrainian folk-hop.

DJ Yantimer

The concert is a collaboration with Cosmopolite Scene.

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