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Oslo World 2023 at Blå!

Fulu Miziki & Faizal Mostrixx

Recycled future music from Kinshasa and afrofuturist club manifesto from Uganda awaits when Fulu Miziki and Faizal Mostrixx starts off the weekend at Blå during Oslo World 2023! After the concerts, Oslo World's friend DJ Nora Pagu will play until the club closes.

The words Fulu Miziki roughly translates as “music from garbage”. In a literal sense, it is actually a quite accurate description of this thrillingly chaotic Eco-Friendly-Afro-futuristic-Punk-Ensemble collective. They are time travelers, artists from a future where humans have reconciled with mother earth and with themselves. Since 2020, Fulu Miziki has taken the European music festival circuit by storm, playing at numerous music venues, festivals and running workshops with the youth.

Making their own instruments, performance costumes, and masks is essential to Fulu Miziki’s musical core ideology. Their sound promotes a pan-African message of artistic liberation, peace and a serious look at the ecological situation of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the whole world. There is still hope - for Fulu everything can be recovered and re-enchanted.

Fulu Miziki - Bivada ft. Sekelembele

Faizal Mostrixx is one of the most original talents to emerge from the new East African arts scene. A stalwart of the explosive Kampala electronic music scene, he has collaborated with the Nyege Nyege collective and appeared at the collective’s festivals as well as the Bayimba festival. On Mutations (2023), his first album on Glitterbeat, Mostrixx presents his Afrofuturistic vision for music in clear and convincing ways.

As a dancer, Mostrixx embraces breakdance, body-popping, traditional African and experimental contemporary forms. As a producer, his vision of East African electronic music is a tapestry of polyrhythms, modern dancefloor styles, amapiano, Nile basin ceremonial chants and Pan-African field recordings. It is not a translation of African sounds, it is unmistakably Ugandan, yet like no other Ugandan music ever made before.

Read more and buy tickets here.

Faizal Mostrixx - Loosely ft. Morena Leraba

Pahua and Ghetto Kumbé

Folkloristic electro pop from Mexico meets Columbian afro-futurism when Pahua and Ghetto Kumbé play a double feature at Blå on the 4th of November. Ghetto Gumbé from Bogotá had to cancel last year's concert at the festival, but now they are finally ready for us, together with one of the fastest rising stars of the alternative Mexican music scene. After the concerts, the evening ends with Oslo World favorite DJ Bacalao - all on one ticket!

The Colombian trio Ghetto Kumbé is calling on people from all around the world to rise up, and join their digital rumba. Their almost ritualistic concerts are based on a powerful blend of percussion, Caribbean house beats and traditional afro Colombian rhythms inspired by West Africa.

Inspired by different revolutionary movements emerging all over the world, Ghetto Kumbé have become one of the most important bands on the alternative Colombian scene. They have played killer sets at some of the biggest festivals in Europe, such as Roskilde and Glastonbury. Dressed in fluorescent masks, their concerts are both otherworldly and grounded in uncomfortable realities. They address the unjust divide between the poor and the rich, the rising prominence of dirty politicians, and the ethics of the capitalist system. When Ghetto Kumbé performs, the will to protest meets the urge to dance.

Ghetto Kumbé – Eso No Me Falla

Colombian and Mexican cumbia, folkloric sounds and electronic beats - it all comes together in Pahua, the brainchild of the Mexican percussionist, singer, composer and DJ Paulina Sotomayor. With four EPs under her belt, she has become recognized as a Mexican pioneer of alternative electronic folk music, with deep roots in the tradition and a keen ear for the current trends in global Latin rhythms.

Pahua was created during the pandemic in 2020. It’s a mix of electronic music with Latin rhythms, empowering lyrics and a message of positivity. It is also a success - her tracks have become regular fixtures on editorial playlists at every streaming platform, and collaborations have ensued with artists such as Terror/Cactus (ARG), CERO39 (COL), La Dame Blanche (CUB), Gizmo Varillas (ESP), Klik & Frik (ARG) and Jitwam (US). In 2023, Pahua will release her first album, Habita, which includes collaborations with artists from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica and Venezuela. This autumn, a breakout star of the Mexican alternative music scene will perform her very first concert in Norway at Oslo World.

Read more and buy tickets here.

Pahua & La Perla - Espantapájaros

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