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Brunch In The Park2023 II
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Keychange at Byens Tak!

Like Beirut & Beyond, Oslo World has dedicated a whole day at Byens Tak to Keychange!

The program will be in English.


Registration required. Register Here!

Call to action - gender Equality in The Music Industry

Join us at Byens Tak for a series of insightful sessions, meetings and musical performances that showcase the diversity within the music industry. The MC of the full event will be Preethi Nallu (India/Iran). She is a journalist, film-makers, press freedom advocate and executive director at Report for the World, a global journalism program.

Keychange is a movement fighting for a sustainable music industry by supporting talented, but underrepresented artists and encouraging organisations to take a pledge for gender equality.

During the event, the Keychange pledge and action plan will be unveiled. This roadmap for a fairer industry is based on insights from more than 200 international leaders. The presentation will be led by Christina Hazboune from Palestine/UK.

Keychange panelists
Talks: Tune into thought-provoking talks led by industry luminaries.


IRuna is Irene Montesis solo project. Here, she pays homage to both her Italian and Latin American roots, mixing Latin culture and sounds with classic Italian songwriting. She got a breakthrough when she released the EP "Bacchedi Goji", in 2018. The self-produced project led to concerts in important music venues in Rome and the rest of Italy. "Blue", her first LP, was released in December 2021. Here, IRuna shows her playful and sincere ability to deal with intimate, often uncomfortable topics.

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Coming from a blend of Algerian, Italian, Norman and Swiss roots, labels don't make much sense to Brö. Together with her musicians Elie and Jules, she explores all genres without question, paying tribute to 80s music that incorporated jazz or soul without hesitation, incorporating electro or even classical music. Brö has performed at several venues and festivals, honing her magnetic stage act. Her first album “Grande” was released on March 31, 2023, followed by tours in France and Canada.

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KAMARA is a singer and songwriter with a distinctive voice, charisma, and a powerful presence on and off stage. She is - both literally and metaphorically - a potential voice of a generation. Her catchy, organic, nostalgic feel-good pop music combines addictive melodies and poignant lyrics with her characteristic, classy and instantly identifiable vocals. When she performed at Øya in 2022, Variety called her a «rising star» and Rolling Stone Australia declared her «one of the most joyful breakout stars to come out of Norway».

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Gela is a devourer of sounds, a restless DJ and a unique voice on the Spanish scene. In 2013 she settled in Madrid, where she has gradually carved out a well-deserved place in the club scene, including a very celebrated residency at Club Berlín. In recent months she’s greatly expanded her range, playing out in places such as Razzmatazz and Freedonia in Barcelona, Corsica Studios in London, Wilden Renate and About Blank in Berlin, Dabadaba in Donosti, and the Red Light Radio station in Amsterdam.

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Supported by Talent Norge, Norsk Tipping, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB and Creative Europe.

In collaboration with Keychange, Istituto italiano di cultura, Institut français de Norvège & Safemuse.

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